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Almost 2013, my last project for 2012……

Hi de hi, how was your Christmas?

Ours has been very quiet this year because we’ve all had the dreaded lurgy. But it was quiet relaxing and just what the doctor ordered, we’ve enjoyed quality family time.

I had a little flurry of activity just before the big day when I made all the female members of the family lovely clasp make-up bags, they were all very well received which was a huge relief, I didn’t get to photograph them so once I’ve made myself one, ill share a photo 🙂

I did get a fabulous Xmas present, the Cath Kidston sew book, which has the patterns and instructions for over 40 handmade projects in it. Today I felt well enough to get my machine out so I made one of the bags from the book using some lovely Laura Ashley curtain fabric I got in the sale yesterday, it was much easier than I thought and I love the finished result, I think it ill make a nice little bag for my lunch, or as storage for crafty things, what would you use it for?


This is the side view so you can see how deep it is, it’s actually surprisingly roomy


I think i’ll try to make my own pattern, and make a bigger every-day version, but there are loads of other things from the book I want to make first….. I love the webbing handle I think it makes it feel quite rustic …


And finally the back view…


Who thinks ill get a list of orders from the office!

See you in 2013, have a great evening, here’s wishing you the best 2013 ever

Leann x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

10 thoughts on “Almost 2013, my last project for 2012……

  1. What a great bag ! I must get that book. Have a very happy new year and thanks for all the inspiration you’ve given us during 2012,

  2. Happy New Year Leanne, I love your bag and you are leaving me standing so far….I did make 8 stockings and fill them for my family so my machine is in a tidy corner of my craft room I intended to start the year a fresh and my room is getting there I can even see the top of my work table and am not fighting to get to my computer, again you are an inspiration so will sit and put my projects in order to complete. I love the sound of the Kath kidson book I have found Tilda and have all the books that have been released Tone Finger presents her work beautifully.
    Well thats it from me for now but just one other thing I have down loaded my spectrum noire accreditation programme and started my pieces so hopefully it want be to long for me to say thats project one is completed.

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