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Summer is here, ahhhhhhhh let the bright cards begin …….

…….ahhhhhh summer is here, what a lovely scorchio weekend we had. Spent a really lovely day at Raby Castle with hubby, had a picnic, walked in the gardens, mooched around the castle…… then had a lovely play with my newest acquisition – Citrus Stack, Die Cuts with a View Paper Pad. And Oh my goodness how much do I just love this pad of paper, it’s wonderful…. The colours are stunning for summer, but actually why just summer, they’re zingy enough to bring a smile to the lips at any time fo the year. I am loving dark card bases and white for matting and layering lately, I don’t know why, but its working for me anyway! I’ve inked around the edges of the patterned paper with Broken China Distress Ink. I also had a go at the latest craze of making paper blooms…. what fun I had, this blue one on the card was made from the same citrus stack of paper so the colours match in very easily indeed. I have decided that I need to photograph you a step by step for making these flowers, and I will try to do so either tonight or tomorrow, their much easier than they look πŸ™‚ – In fact I owe you several step by steps I fear, but this will be the first one, as these homemade embellishments are just perfect for lovely summery cards, I am also imagining them in creams for wedding cards. Perfect!.

I’ve included a photograph of my first practice bloom too, which I made with the latte stack again from DCWV, (honestly – it’s a sin to call it a paper stack because actually it’s more like card. It’s a really good weight and can easily be used for card bases too.) I’ve inked this one with vintage photo, my hubby was most impressed, which in itself is no mean feat! he thinks it looks like wood, what do you think? I am going to plan a lovely muted/distressed card to show it at its perfect flowery little best πŸ™‚

I would recommend you go for the 12 x 12 pad as for the difference in price from the 8 x 8, you can get so much more versatility. Cut the sheet in half to fold 6 x 6 card blanks, (the quality really is good enough to do this.) keep the 2nd half for matting and layering of another card, or to make your paper flowers…. loads and loads of value a large proportion of the sheets in the citrus stack are glittered too…. Oh, OK I’ve waffled enough can you tell how much I love them? Check them out here honestly you wont be disappointed, and the cards you will be able to make are just stunning………….you will be very impressed with their absolute lovelyness, is that a word?

Have a lovely day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing


Ooooo yes – If your budget does not stretch to the 12 x 12 or 8 x 8 pads do what I do – CHEAT! there are some lovely DCWV pre-folded card packs you get 40 cards in a pack (10 designs, 4 of each) and their double-sided. I chop em in half use them for matting and layering, stunning! and I have 40 good quality 4″ x 6″ envelopes to use too πŸ™‚ SORTED! …..

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Left-overs ….

Hi all

No posts for months and then 3 in one day! Claire really did get me feeling guilty πŸ™‚ OK, I have an admission to make, I can’t bear left-overs of any description……. especially food and crafty bits :). I kept looking at the bits left from the distressed mum card of today, and thought, I can’t leave them, and I especially can not relegate them to the over-flowing bit box! because there just too nice to do that too, so here we go, a best friend card using the same technique as before but with the bits that were left over. The only addition is the best friend panel which is a Sizzix embossing folder, embossed on core-dination and sanded to an inch of its life, then cut out, and lined up in the folder, and ran back through the cuttlebug to sharpen the edges, where it got flattened when I sanded it πŸ™‚ – if you get what I mean ……

... made from left-overs

Hope you like it….

L x

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Glittered Medallion

Hi all

Gone back to basics with this design, seeing Jayne at the craftaganza, (there are loads of photo’s on the Crafters Companion Website) has inspired me to dig out my medallion stamps – I think we should start a re-vival so ive started a poll πŸ™‚ (ie tried to start a poll – cant get it to work 😦 I’ll keep trying and get it on here asap πŸ™‚

L x

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Diamond Pop Forward Instructions

I have been promising this for so long ………….. here it is eventually I wanted to make sure that you had photo’s to go with the instructions…………………. This wuill make a A5 Diamond Pop Forward Card…

You will need:

β€’ 6 sheets of A5 white card
β€’ 1 sheet of contrasting card for matting and layering
β€’ Backing paper
β€’ Centre Piece (decoupage or stamped image – your choice)
β€’ Double sided tape
β€’ Decoupage foam pads

Step 1


Take once piece of A5 Card (landscape in front of you) and fold the bottom left corner over to form a triangle at the top of the card. Burnish with a bone folder for a really sharp crease.

Step 2

Step 2
Step 2

Turn the card 360 degrees (don’t turn it over) and repeat in the opposite direction taking the bottom right corner over and burnishing with a bone folder.

Step 3


Top Tip: When open you should now have a cross at one of the card.

Step 4


Turn the card over and fold the top part of the scored card across to meet the lines at the bottom of the cross. Burnish your line with a bone folder to make a really sharp crease.

Step 5


Unfold the crease you have made at step five and lay the card on your surface. Hold the card at either side of the line you have just scored and pull towards the centre.

Step 6


The card should very easily for a triangle shape at the top of the card. Make sure all creases are well burnished with a bone folder.

Step 7


Turn the card over and fold back the remaining piece of un-folded card, so that it is parallel with the bottom widest piece of the triangle.

Step 8


Repeat steps 1 to 7, as you need two of the shapes to form the front of your card.

Once fold lay both pieces flat on your surface and butt together in the centre to form a diamond shape.

Step 9


Cut a square of card to measure just short of 4 inches or 10cm.

Adhere this with double side tape to the centre for the card to join your two folded pieces together and make one card.

Step 10


Turn the card over and push the creased lines into place to form the diamond at the front of the card. You will be able to see a join line where the two cards have been joined, cut a square of card to measure 4 ΒΌ inches. Adhere this to the front of the diamond, which will hide the join.

Step 11


With your remaining two pieces of A5 card create two fold back cards using the A5 half fold and A5 gatefold lines on your Ultimate Pro

Step 12


Adhere the fold back cards one at each side of the fold diamond design. This will give the card added stability and dimension.

Step 13


Decorate the side and front panel with strips of backing paper which have been mated onto some contrasting card.

Cut out the decoupage, or stamped image for the centre of your card, layer with foam pads or silicone glue and position on the front of your card.

Top Tip: This card is really worth the effort and will draw gasps of appreciation.

Top Tip 2: This card can be made at any size, all you need to remember is that the size of the piece of card you start with (here we used A5) will be the size of the finished card……

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Making your own Glitter Card

Hi all

had lots of requests about making the glitter card, so thought I’d put the instructions here for you….

Happy Crafting

L x

Use the fabulous Stick and Stay from crafters Companion to create whole pieces of glitter coloured card, paper or vellum to match in with your design. Place a piece of card, paper or vellum into one of the crafters companion spray booths (or a shoe box lid) and spray generously with Stick and Stay move this to a scrap piece of paper quickly and cover with glitter, give it a little press down and shake away the excess. You will have a really amazing piece to add to your design. I work on the design of the card first, and cut the piece of card , paper or vllum to size, before I carry out the technique, then I’m not wasting card, Stick and Stay or Glitter!