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Cal i Forn i a

I’m back from a whirlwind Business trip to our USA office.  We have managed to cram so much in, I thought I’d share with you some pictures of what I’ve been up to.  I have decided that I really want to take Mr C. over for a holiday, he would love the mountain biking, and I’ll love the shopping! and the food, and the people who are so warm and welcoming.

Day 1 – Rodeo Drive

Craft Shop shopping on Rodeo Drive was a fabulous experience – its just like the movies, I had my eyes peeled for Richard Geere, but didn’t spot him any where 🙂

Rodeo Drive Baby!
Rodeo Drive

How totally fabulous is this, I’d love a couple of days exploring Rodeo Drive, Sun, Shopping Cocktails and atmosphere in abundance!

At the end of the day we headed to Rattlers for dinner, I’ve visited the USA lots of times (I’m very lucky) but it was my first time in a Rattlers, if you are heading to LA you must go the food was amazing and the atmosphere fantastic, they’d even decorated cowboy boots all around the restaurant – I LOVED them and the traditional kilner my water came in.

Day 2 – meeting the Team

Had a fabulous day in the office with the USA Team talking about all the fabulous new products we have coming up, and then headed out for dinner.  There were so many of us Donald had to hire a HUGE mini van to fit us all in, I’d hate to see what a maxi van looks like! We then headed out for some fabulous food with the gang and had a wonderful evening catching up, my desert was too fabulous,the most delicious sorbet I’ve ever had!

Day 3 and 4 – another day with the Gang in the office

More food and laughs with the Gang and on our last day a traditional pancake breakfast! this is the one and only time I had them this trip, so a real treat!

“No one does pancakes like the USA!”

Day 5 – Homeward Bound

I’m home, I can hardly believe what I’ve done in the last few days and I’m full of ideas for new products – it was a fabulously inspirational visit, with fabulous people.  I’m already missing my very best stateside friend beautiful Michelle.


Till next time California.

Crafty Hugs

Leann x


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I’m Back…

…but not in an Arnold Schwarzenegger way!

I’ve been gone too long and have had twitchy fingers for a while now, so because I really couldn’t sleep this morning, even though I wanted a lovely long lie in, I’ve bitten the bullet, given the old blog a bit of a refresh and decided to write my first post in a long, long time.  I’m not sure I “LOVE” this new format, so it may change again soon.

New fresh approach for me in Blogosphere I think, I’m going to be sharing what I’m just generally up to on a regular basis and sharing all the new and exciting crafty things I’ve been getting up to.  My favourite recently is this wonderful pin cushion in a teacup, which has also been glued to the saucer and tea plate for extra portable storage for bits bobs and doodads.  pin chusion

It has got me thinking about what else I can do with teacups… I’ve recently received a box full of really beautiful ones such as this from my Gran, which are an heirloom, but I don’t want them just sitting doing nothing in a box so I’m looking for crafty teacup projects to fill the house with, please do share your ideas with me!  One of the things I’ve been wanting to make for an absolute age is a Tilda teacup angel, I bought the hair, crown, fabric for skin, goose feathers for wings, and everything at least 2 years ago! Do any of you do this, I’m a terrible procrastinator! But, I think this pretty pink and gold one is screaming out to have a little Angel in it! Just like this one, but with a crown instead of a rose in her hair.

teacup angel
Image from Shabby Art Boutique
Grannies Pink and Gold Tea set

I’d love to hear your ideas and inspiration for things to do with Teacups too, I have a LOT of them, teacups that is, not ideas – I’ll be heading to Pinterest for those!

I’m pacIMG_0886king for an exciting business trip to California today, and so I’m going to be fashioning myself a Denim Skirt, from a pair of old Jeans which are to big now, but will be lovely and loose, cool and comfy for travelling in.  This “how to” from the latest  Simply Sewing Magazine has got my creative juices flowing, so I’ll be back with a picture of me in the skirt soon, I hope, tomorrow, I will be making mine longer!


Until next time, Crafty Hugs

Leann x

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A new adventure…..

Good morning

Firstly I must apologise for my lack of bloggery lately. I have no excuse other than extreme busy’ness. But now that silly season has come to an end you will be hearing an awful lot more from me 🙂

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I have started on a new adventure. Sewing! ….. I have been inspired to start by many things but mostly the incredibly talented Debbie Shore, who has the most amazing videos on you tube and a fabulous shop, Thimble Lane, where you can get gorgeous fabrics and just well gorgeous stuff, and my great buddie Sarah Millsop who has been making lovely christmas presents and showed me a totes gorgeous make-up bag complete with clasp and freehand machine embroidery which I adored, and wanted to make immediately! So with all this going on in my head, imagine my delight when I spotted the Toyota oekaki on the POTW recently 🙂 and my fab hubbie bought it for me for Christmas 🙂

So I have been plaguing the life out of Debbie’s extremely helpful forum peeps and with the help of one of Debbie’s video tutorials I have made my first complete project…… Here it is a Christmas decoration.


I had a little trip to the market in durham yesterday and bought this beautiful fabric and ribbon, I also indulged in some little tinkly santa bells, and I’ve seen one on the little heart at the bottom.


It’s no where near as fab or as perfect as Debbie’s was, but I am chuffed to little pieces with it, and when it’s hanging on the door the little bell tinkles all Christmassy 🙂

So from the fabric I bought I think I have enough to make another 3, so guess what I’ll be doing today 🙂

I’ll be back soon with more bloggery I promise 🙂


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A Hug……

………. is always the right size

Last one for today…… I’m off to snuggle up with hubby and a glass of vino collapso (white Zinfandel – YUM).

Fancied a bit of a change with this one so I used darker colours, The base paper is from DCVW Pocket Full of Posies, I lurrrve this pad, its matted onto coredinations card (the deep purple) a piece of the deep purple coredinations has been cuttlebugged and sanded down to reveal the lovely pattern. Image cut our with circular and scalloped nesties and finished with a floral arrangement. The triple bow has been tied on the ultimate pro.

All of the products ive used for the three cards ive made today can be found at

Enjoy your night whatever you are doing


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Blog Award

Have just been sorting through my comments and stuff that has happend since getting back from hols and to my huge and very pleasurable surprise I find I have received an award for my Blog, from Ginger Pie designs, I am soooooo chuffed. It also means I can pass it on to 7 of my favourite blogs too, so pop along and see what these awe inspiring bloggers get up to…….

One Lovely Blog Award

Jacqui D (Cats Whisters)
Bev (all the things I Love)
Sheena Douglass
Leonie Pujol
Wendy (Anntaurus)
Edna’s Place
Lisa (Crafty Moments)

L x

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OMG……. Tim Holtz

Evening all,

Well I am back with a vengeance from CHA, I am really sorry I did not get to post between getting back from CHA and going on holiday, as I had to shoot off to IW to do a show, and then straight on the road when I got home. The Site we went to in Cornwall had terrible internet connection so I could not even post while I was there!.

But I am here now and with a REAL treat, well it was for me 🙂 a real live in the flesh photo or Mr Holtz in action and also the result of his endeavours which was a tag for me 🙂

Managed to see a whole demonstration by Tim at the Trade show, and wow is that man inspiring, and an absolutely wicked sense of humour, so here we go a lovely pic for you to have a *drewl* over…… and also a pic of the tag he made for me, which is what he is doing in the pic, as you can imagine, it’s going to be treasured…..

See you all soon

L x

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I will absent for a little while…..

…….. because I am off to Chicago to the Craft Trade and Retail fayres ….. Whoop Whoop, I’m off to rootle and find goodies galore for the Crafters Companion shop – I love my job …. back on the 2nd August.. soooooo see you then….

L x

O – ps – i am taking my net book thingy and my camera (well posh phone camera thing anyway) so I will try to post you a photo or two while I am away – sneeky peaks and all (OOoooo sounding like I’m from the other side of the pond already 🙂 )