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Cal i Forn i a

I’m back from a whirlwind Business trip to our USA office.  We have managed to cram so much in, I thought I’d share with you some pictures of what I’ve been up to.  I have decided that I really want to take Mr C. over for a holiday, he would love the mountain biking, and I’ll love the shopping! and the food, and the people who are so warm and welcoming.

Day 1 – Rodeo Drive

Craft Shop shopping on Rodeo Drive was a fabulous experience – its just like the movies, I had my eyes peeled for Richard Geere, but didn’t spot him any where 🙂

Rodeo Drive Baby!
Rodeo Drive

How totally fabulous is this, I’d love a couple of days exploring Rodeo Drive, Sun, Shopping Cocktails and atmosphere in abundance!

At the end of the day we headed to Rattlers for dinner, I’ve visited the USA lots of times (I’m very lucky) but it was my first time in a Rattlers, if you are heading to LA you must go the food was amazing and the atmosphere fantastic, they’d even decorated cowboy boots all around the restaurant – I LOVED them and the traditional kilner my water came in.

Day 2 – meeting the Team

Had a fabulous day in the office with the USA Team talking about all the fabulous new products we have coming up, and then headed out for dinner.  There were so many of us Donald had to hire a HUGE mini van to fit us all in, I’d hate to see what a maxi van looks like! We then headed out for some fabulous food with the gang and had a wonderful evening catching up, my desert was too fabulous,the most delicious sorbet I’ve ever had!

Day 3 and 4 – another day with the Gang in the office

More food and laughs with the Gang and on our last day a traditional pancake breakfast! this is the one and only time I had them this trip, so a real treat!

“No one does pancakes like the USA!”

Day 5 – Homeward Bound

I’m home, I can hardly believe what I’ve done in the last few days and I’m full of ideas for new products – it was a fabulously inspirational visit, with fabulous people.  I’m already missing my very best stateside friend beautiful Michelle.


Till next time California.

Crafty Hugs

Leann x




Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

8 thoughts on “Cal i Forn i a

  1. Looks like you crammed a lot in to your days. I do love America too, everyone is so friendly and oh my word the craft shops are fabulous! Enjoy your weekend.
    Linda xxx

  2. Love to see your travels as I cannot do these things. So post more like this as it looks so much fun Leann. xxx

  3. Hi Leanne, you brought back many happy memories for me, having lived in LA for 4 years, yes it’s a great place, sun sea, food and shopping. What more can a girl want, maybe win the lottery to shop on Rodeo Drive. Did you go the English pub in Santa Monica, great fish and chips!,,

  4. thought it was a business trip. It sounds like you had a whale of a time! Keep up the good work,loving everything but not sure on the bank balance x

  5. Next time you’re over in LA you are welcome to pop in for a cup of tea. We have family that live in Toft Hill now but used to live in Bishop Auckland. Nearly fell of my chair when I saw this is Crafter’s Companion’s home base. Small world! Glad you had a great time! Have a great day!

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