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I’m Back…

…but not in an Arnold Schwarzenegger way!

I’ve been gone too long and have had twitchy fingers for a while now, so because I really couldn’t sleep this morning, even though I wanted a lovely long lie in, I’ve bitten the bullet, given the old blog a bit of a refresh and decided to write my first post in a long, long time.  I’m not sure I “LOVE” this new format, so it may change again soon.

New fresh approach for me in Blogosphere I think, I’m going to be sharing what I’m just generally up to on a regular basis and sharing all the new and exciting crafty things I’ve been getting up to.  My favourite recently is this wonderful pin cushion in a teacup, which has also been glued to the saucer and tea plate for extra portable storage for bits bobs and doodads.  pin chusion

It has got me thinking about what else I can do with teacups… I’ve recently received a box full of really beautiful ones such as this from my Gran, which are an heirloom, but I don’t want them just sitting doing nothing in a box so I’m looking for crafty teacup projects to fill the house with, please do share your ideas with me!  One of the things I’ve been wanting to make for an absolute age is a Tilda teacup angel, I bought the hair, crown, fabric for skin, goose feathers for wings, and everything at least 2 years ago! Do any of you do this, I’m a terrible procrastinator! But, I think this pretty pink and gold one is screaming out to have a little Angel in it! Just like this one, but with a crown instead of a rose in her hair.

teacup angel
Image from Shabby Art Boutique
Grannies Pink and Gold Tea set

I’d love to hear your ideas and inspiration for things to do with Teacups too, I have a LOT of them, teacups that is, not ideas – I’ll be heading to Pinterest for those!

I’m pacIMG_0886king for an exciting business trip to California today, and so I’m going to be fashioning myself a Denim Skirt, from a pair of old Jeans which are to big now, but will be lovely and loose, cool and comfy for travelling in.  This “how to” from the latest  Simply Sewing Magazine has got my creative juices flowing, so I’ll be back with a picture of me in the skirt soon, I hope, tomorrow, I will be making mine longer!


Until next time, Crafty Hugs

Leann x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

21 thoughts on “I’m Back…

  1. These are gorgeous Leann, just started to learn to sew, my good friend is teaching me. Love the teacup pincushion, a fabulous way to showcase family heirlooms.
    Linda xxx

  2. Hi ~ Glad to see you back I miss you so much on C&C as I don’t get the other programmes Winifred.

    On 30 July 2016 at 10:05, Leann Chivers Craft Inspirations wrote:

    > leannchiverscraft posted: “…but not in an Arnold Schwarzenegger way! > I’ve been gone too long and have had twitchy fingers for a while now, so > because I really couldn’t sleep this morning, even though I wanted a lovely > long lie in, I’ve bitten the bullet, given the old blog a bit” >

  3. You were missed! Good to have you back with your inspiring ideas. I do like your heirloom tea cups.

    Looking forward to your next blog

    Best wishes

    Amy Yarnall

  4. Doing the CC blog hop has introduced me to blogs – not that I’ve got one myself.
    Look forward to seeing your ideas. I hope you will still post on FB. Hope you have a safe trip. X

  5. Looking forward to more blog posts from you x you can make hanging decorations from tea cups. Make a ribbon hanging loop through the handle and then you have a little ‘cave’ to fill with whatever you fancy! Make great secs for xmas tree or to hang off the edge of a shelf or dresser. Would look lovely with some quilled flowers and decorative leaves glued in with hot glue gun.

  6. love the new blog, a couple of ideas for your cups and saucers, flower arrangements and flying coffee cups. goggle and you’ll see some great ideas. The flying coffee cups usually have the cup glued to a spoon and then the saucer so looks as if the cup is floating. x

  7. if you want rid of the tea-cups, there are a lot of restaurants n hotels n tea shops doing afternoon tea’s and its always nice to have the tea in nice china, so they might buy them from you or take as a donation, another idea I have seen them used for is as candle holders for weddings and parties and for the garden as they protect the candle from any breeze, hope this is a wee helpful idea, Patricia OD

  8. Nice to see you back, Leann. You are missed both on tele and on here. Hope your skirt turns out how you want it to, enjoy your trip and take care. xxxx

  9. Hi Leann glad you’re back as missed you on TV. I saw a teacup used to hold a flower display recently which looked amazing sure you could incorporate the saucers and plate to make it bigger and scatter them around the house instead of live displays. Have a great trip.

  10. Good to see you are back, have missed you on the TV and wondered what you have been doing. I have got back into sewing too but now taking a break to make Christmas cards. Have a great trip, hope all goes well. Brenda (HuncaMunca)

  11. Hi, new to your blog, what great ideas. When my mum passed I too inherited a few tea sets, wish I had known about all these ideas before I gave them away! Sadly not used too much in California. I love when the tea cups are turned into candles. So lady like make lovely wedding favors and a great way to share memories!

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