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Finally finished Oliver’s Knitted Bunny

Evening all

I’ve had a very busy few days and have finally gotten round to sharing the finished results of the baby gift I was Knitting for Sara. I really wanted it to be ready for Oliver being born but I ran out of wool half way up his head and had to order another ball! The only place I could get it was the USA so I had to wait a while for it to arrive!

So here he is, 10 weeks late! But better late than never!


He was a labour of love…. It’s knit with Sirdar snuggly snowflake yarn, which is, in order to achieve this fluffy effect, very fibrous, and very difficult to knit! I’ve been knitting since 5 years of age, and I’ve never knit with a yarn as temperamental as this! It’s has no stretch or give, and really makes your hands ache when knitting it, or it did mine… But….. As with most things the effort was worth it, the lovely fluffy super baby soft result is perfect for a handmade cuddly toy and he is super super soft and snuggly….perfect for little hands to explore and because his face is hand sewn there are no nasty little hard bits that can be pulled or fall off.


I am really pleased with the result, and Sara absolutely loved it, which made me very happy, of course πŸ™‚

Will I ever knit with this yarn again? Not for a very long time and only for someone very special like a grandchild maybe? One day!

Hope you like him too πŸ™‚

Crafty hugs

Leann x



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33 thoughts on “Finally finished Oliver’s Knitted Bunny

  1. I’m sure Oliver will cherish it. Because it is so well made, I bet it will be handed down and become a treasured family keepsake xx

  2. Gorgeous Bunny, Oliver is very lucky to have him. Like you I have been knitting since I was 5 years old and was recently given an odd ball of this wool so though I’ll knit a bonnet or two. Never have my hands been so sore and I won’t be using it again in a hurry . Glad it’s finished with though as I hate wasting wool x

  3. I love him ,at least its not took as long as the baby quilt i made for Granddaughters baby ,i only just finished it started before he was born and he will be 2 in July ,didnt think it would be so hard to do x

  4. Oh Leanne he was well worth waiting for. You’d just have to love him – he’s a smasher, especially his lovely face and gorgeous ears aaaaaaaaaaah!

  5. Well done Leann

    I have used this wool too! It is impossible to undo mistakes! I was making a pram cover that was in basket weave that had a teddy bear in that wool on it – never again with that wool.

    Well done on your quilting too! Loving the pattern block you are making – looking forward to seeing the finished result. I’m new to quilting too – too many beautiful fabrics.

    Happy crafting.

    Diana πŸ™‚

  6. Well done Leanne I know how difficult it is to knit with that wool you should be proud you didn’t give up (I’m ashamed to say that I did!). I’m sure Oliver will treasure it. Xx

  7. Hi Leanne,

    I am knitting an all-in-one in it and yes,like you it won’t be repeated. i got my yarn from Ebay so if you ever need more?!!!

  8. That’s lovely! I got some of that yarn from my local yarn shop and used it to make some phone covers-not hurrying to finish it off,:-).

  9. Well done Leanne.The bunny is lovely, it really seems it was a labour of love and the result was worth while. I bet Oliver will love it.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous, i’m sure he will be treasured. I know what you mean about the yarn, I knit my 2 grandaughters a hooded jumper each. Impossible to count rows or find a lost stitch. Worth it in the end though. Sue x

  11. The bunny is gorgeous. I’ve just recently knitted 2 cardigans for my Granddaughters in Sirdar Snuggly and know your pain!! Fortunately the results are worth it. The finished garments are soooo soft and my daughters loved them. X

  12. Well done you, i had 3 attempts at knitting with this wool & gave up. could hae sent you a ball of mine iff id known. Maybe i will give it another go, ?????? πŸ™‚

  13. Beautiful bunny! I to have knitted with that yarn. It’s a nightmare if you drop a stitch too. Well done for finishing it, my Mum had to finish the jumper I made as it made me so cross!! I am sure Oliver and his Mummy will treasure it. xxx

  14. He is delightful! I’ve knotted with this yarn too so I know waht you mean. Grandchildren…what are they???? Hope you have better luck than me Leann – I’m not holding my breath! X

  15. He is beautiful Leann……….do you think you should have some spare wool in case Oliver takes to it big time, meaning what if he was to get lost heaven for bid but how could he be replaced? My sister in Law Margaret’s Grandaughter Evie had a very bestest Mr Lion and he was so well loved he had more repairs than body thank goodness they managed to find a new one so we had to tell her when he was washed in the new washing machine he came out as good as new! Evie was thrilled with him but not yet worked out how to get her fingers inside him to twiggle the stuffing.

  16. Its absolutely beautiful Lean , I had one made for my son 36 yrs ago we still have it in the spare room , babies bunnies are always something to treasure xxx

  17. I made this bunny for my friend’s daughter last year – she still cuddles it so I’m sure it will be much loved. found that if you held the yarn very loosely, it was easier to handle. Needless to say, I only tried to undo mistakes once – every other time I just worked around it!

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