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CHA Anaheim 2014 – day 1

Morning all it’s very early here in California 5.30am as I write this, and I’m wide awake! So I’ve un-packed done some ironing, had two cups of coffee, I never drink coffee in the UK but here in in the USA I love it it tastes different…. I digress ….. I am starting 2014 a new with a guaranteed blog post a day….. Starting today!

We’ve got a few days in the USA office before the show starts and I’m so looking forward to spending time with Randy, Bindy, Alicia and Gary but before I head into the office I thought I’d share with you some inside glimpses of what my very early morning has been about so far …..


When we arrived yesterday I received the most thoughtful care package from my surrogate sister Bindy, for my trip, it had so many lovely and useful things in it crochet and a magazine to help when the jet lag hits in the morning… Vitamin C to ward off the bugs, pens wipes first aid kit and best of all NUTELLA ! Which I’ve already devoured with my coffee because I was literally Hank Marvin and it made a lovely Pre-breakfast! Thanks Bindy!


The view from my balcony is fab, I really love the US it’s so vibrant and full of life I’ve got the Los Angeles River at he back of the hotel were the famous car races scene was filmed for one of my favourite movies Greece.




I’ll get a real photo and show you when the sun comes up… Meanwhile the early morning view from my balcony is just as atmospheric I think…


I’ll finish my coffee get ready and head into the office …. Ill be back later with much better pics and loads of cool insider info about CHA and our USA trip

Crafty love

Leann x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

7 thoughts on “CHA Anaheim 2014 – day 1

  1. As I’m bed bound at the moment it’s wonderful to hear yuor adventures, I’m really looking forward to some more . Have a wonderful time, love Debby x

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