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Makey Bakey Mice – GIVE AWAY!

Afternoon all

So Once again I find myself apologising for the lack of bloggery!  BUT I come bearing an olive branch in the form of a quite special giveaway!

So as you may know, I am launching a brand new collection on Friday on Create and Craft as a Pick of the Week – the Makey Bakey Mice, who are the cutest, most adorable set of little meeces you will ever see, and they all love to make and bake just like me, so they’re very close to my heart.  I always want to break out into Billy Rae Cyrus … But don’t tell the mice , the Makey Bakey Mice, I just don’t think they’d understand, and if you tell the mice the Makey Bakey Mice they may just come and pinch your stash (OK the ending may not rhyme so well, but it makes me giggle!)

The design Team have been crafting up a storm, so I have picked a few of my favourite samples to share with you here to give you a little sneak peek of what is coming up and what you are going to be able to do with them.

I’ve included them all in a slideshow below 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, please comment here and share this post either on your own blog or on facebook or twitter to be in with a chance to win…………………………………………. all 12 of the brand new stamps I will be launching on Friday! yep all 12!  and just in case you are wondering what they’re like, I photographed the very ones I am sending you they’re on my desk right now!

photo1 photo


I’ll announce the winner tomorrow evening, before the launch 🙂 (and before I set off the the studios on the train )

So do you love the Makey Bakey Mice as much as me?  I bet you do!

See you Friday at 12 noon 🙂

L x

List of Show times – all are on Create and Craft (Free sat 813, Virgin 748, freeview 36, Sky 671)

Friday 13th (eek!) 12 noon launch then 3pm and 5pm

Saturday 8am 1pm and 6pm

Sunday 10am 4pm and 6pm

Monday 3pm and 6pm

Tuesday 8am 12noon and 5pm

Wednesday 1pm and 6pm

Thursday 11am and 4pm

Friday 9am

Also – if you have read this far I will be back with another exciting giveaway on Monday 16th September (it wont me anything Makey Bakey, but it will be exciting! VERY EXCITING!)



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

224 thoughts on “Makey Bakey Mice – GIVE AWAY!

  1. SQUEALLLLL or should that be Squeak!! The DT girlies have excelled themselves yet again…..but then you do pick the very best. Can’t wait for this launch, me thinks the Makey Bakey Meeces are finding my Mojo for me. Good Luck with the launch lovely


    Ali x

    PS Can’t stop singing that now LOL

  2. Loving the Makey Bakey Mice, they’re so cute I think they’re going to have to come and live with me!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s launch.
    Love n hugs, Val xxx

  3. I just adore these mice!

    Perfect for my friend who bakes cakes and even better for those of us who love to eat them.

    Yum yum

    Many thanks to all at crafters companion for bring them to us xxx

  4. The sneaky peaks we have seen so far are out of this world, Leann! Will be buying these definitely ….. that’s if I don’t win them!! Take plenty of stock to the show – you’ll need them! xx

  5. wow!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!! phenomenal!!!!!! I want to sat something witty and snappy, but I can’t I am stunned by the charm and sweetness ( not sugary sweet) of the cards. Am I in love?

  6. Wow these are soooooo cute.. I would love to win this to get my card making back on track following having my wee girl who is showing signs of being a wee crafty one to lol Good luck everyone xoxoxo

  7. I love the fact that the stamps can be used for every occasion judging by the samples that have been made 🙂 I would love to be in with a chance to win these pls 🙂 xxx

  8. Ooh they are so cute. Colouring them will be wonderful and I am imagining the lovely cards that can be created using them together with the Christmas dies

  9. Oh wow Leanne what a fantastic giveaway,I keep meaning to write and thank you for inspiring me to create a blog,keep doing your wonderful creations and I can’t wait to see you on create and craft

  10. These are lovely little Makey Bakey Mice. And one must be called Miley (the skating one) & Hannah (the little one laying in the tea pot on it’s side 0r the tiny little one a sleep in the poppy) & of course Billy Ray (the little Carole singer). I love all cards & boxes your design team have done for you, I think my favourite one has to be the little mice, looks like he’s in a onesie & he’s got little antlers on his head. He just looks so cute ( I think he looks like a Harry). Yes I have watched the slide show a lot, there just so cute you want just pick them all up & give them a big kiss. Enjoy yourself on the shows over the weekend, I can’t wait, but I do think it’ll be another early bath for you & be sold out pretty quickly because you Crafters Companion lot brings us so many wonderful things.

  11. absolutely brilliant was going to be another certain mouse but will wait. I never win anything so not much hope for me but here goes. Love your demos Leann.

    1. I know what you mean Mavis I never win either, but these are so cute & with reference to Billy Ray my daughters love to watch Hannah Montana.

  12. I dont need any more craft products but I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant these. I know I will have to buy the lot. Just what I need to give the mojo a boost. They are stunning and so inspirational. Roll on Friday. Well done to all.

  13. Liked and shared ! Love these cute little mice 🙂 Really would love to win these cute stamps. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  14. I am seriously in love with these little ones. I would love to give them a hug and warm home too, but I promise if I get the prize I will be happy to share my prize and make one lucky crafter happy too. xx:-)

  15. ooh I like these mices cannot wait for the launch on Friday.I don’t think they will last a week
    though- great stuff can’t wait to get hold of them

  16. Wow what a fab giveaway and such cute little mice I would love to have these in my craft stash I’m banned from buying anything as the builders are totally gutting my house and all my craft stuff is in storage 😦 roll on when it’s all done hehe and I can sneak more stash into my craft room hehe x

  17. Wow!!! Leanne these are adorable little charecters that we can use any time of the year. Looking forward to seeing you and showing us all your beautiful demo crations.
    Best wishes

  18. absolutely love these, do I need more cd’s and stamps……….must I have more….yes please….definatly….they are adorables and it would be selfish of me not to buy them x

  19. …. and if I win the mice, the Makey Bakey Mice….. I’d be a very happy gal!

    They’re gorgeous and I feel my bank card groaning already!

  20. They are so adorable. I would love to have these in my collection definitely going on my wish list. Thanks for being so creative.

  21. I’m a real big House Mouse fan so your gorgeous little meeces really appeal to me. I would love them to come and live with me in my craft room. I want a couple of real ones but my hubby won’t let me LOL!
    Thanks for a chance to win
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  22. OMG these are so cute i want them all will be tuning in to watch as recovering from major surgery 😦 to win these would make my year or even a card from you Leann as so talented hugs xxx

  23. Wow what an amazing set they look absolutely adorable good luck everyone who entered this comp and cant wait to choon in on fri xxx

  24. Singing: ” I would love to win the Mice, the Makey BakeyMice, and so I’m wishing very hard…..and if I win the Mice, The Makey Bakey Mice, I’ll stamp them up on every card” Thanks for putting up such a great giveaway 🙂

  25. This collection looks absolutely amazing Leann, I have missed a lot of the sneks peaks as I’ve been in hospital with Jodie, I will hopefully have a little time later to see what I have missed, this is sure to be a must have, good look with the shows.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  26. Oh they are so cute and I no so many of my fiends would love to receive a makey brakey mouse card 😊 can’t wait to see the shows xx

  27. Omgosh, Gorgeous.. Another must have collection, how do u do it time after time, each new collection is more gorgeous than the last, happy crafting and keep up the good work..x

  28. These are so cute they put me in mind of the cute companion mice and i love them so i’m sure i’m going to like these just as much.

  29. Loving these fantastic cute little characters. There just so cute & loveable…and def craftable😊. Would love to be in with a chance of winning the georgeous Stamp Sets…loving the Xmas ones especially x
    Have liked & shared the link to your blog & post.
    Thanks for the fantastic chance to be in with a chance of winning these cute characters😃
    mousey hugs x o x

  30. Wow, love House Mouse so i know im going to love these cutie pie mice .. good luck everyone a FABULOUS prize .. cant wait for the launch tomorrow xx

  31. I saw these earlier and thought oh no more money I will HAVE to spend because I need these!!! then just saw the comp so fingers crossed. Thank you for your wondeful art work.

  32. Those little mice deserve a good home, they are so cute and i bet mishievess like them original owner. lovely prize xx

  33. Think theses are super cute 🙂 would love to have these in my stamp collection liked and shared on my facebook page
    Fab prize fingers crossed X

  34. My friend Kym shared your link. I love your miceakins …but of course I would I am kitty…I am so glad your dreams are manifesting your joy is felt. Congratulations.
    susan s

  35. Looking forward to more fab demo’s with more fab stamps. Might just have to have these. Hope I might be lucky. Good luck for the shows. Maureen

  36. Yes please would love to win as I love the Makey Bakey Mice collection as anything made with these products would be so cute and would look great as framed pictures in my wee princesses room. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck everyone xx

  37. These mice are so sweet! When i was eaiting for the pictures to download i eas was hoping they wouldn’t be cute as i can’t afford any at the mo so whilst i was waiting i had my fingers crossed saying “please don’t be cute… Please don’t be cute… Please don’t be cute… Please don’t b…. Oh heck they’re Ssooo Cuuuute!!”
    Would so love to win xx 😀

  38. I am so excited I have shared with all my friends. We are having a party celebrating the release because we love mice. Will we be able to get them in the US?

  39. Those darling Makey Bakey Mice would be used to bake some fab recipes if they came to live with me. Thanks for the chance to win these cute little critters 🙂

  40. Oh my, they are just so gorgeous, never seen them before this week, when I spotted those delightful xmas crackers…….I must have some of these little guys or my heart might break !!
    Kate xxxxx

  41. Thank you for the chance to win the fabulous makey bakey Mice. What wonderful little characters. Crafters Companion always bring us such good quality stamps that give the desired result..
    Thank you again.

  42. After reading all the previous posts what can I say. A wholeheartedly agree with all. Crafters Companion have excelled themselves yet again. All the hard work, effort b y yourselves and design team and of course Ian Hallowes have proved it. I would really like the chance of winning some stamps as all my cards are done for Charity and I know Makey Bakey Mice will be well received. Thanks Leann. Crafty hugs and kisses xxx

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