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Beautiful bunting

Morning 🙂

Or is it afternoon………last night I decided I need a little relaxing me time…… So I ventured into my first ever laminated cotton project! It’s a nightmare to work with and was not all relaxing….. There a couple of tiny bits I would have liked to turn out better but overall I am chuffed to little pieces with my new laminate cotton tote…… This will be perfect for all sorts of things, the beach, picnics, shopping, and when I’m down at the shopping channel carting all my make-up, shoes, clothes and stuff around with me 🙂

I’ve lined it with a lovely heavy weight cotton, I love turquoise and polka dots so this was perfect 🙂

I might need a little rest before I try another one but I am already planning different sizes and shapes for all kinds of different uses, I am now off to get lots of preparation for the pick of the week on Friday done, it’s gorgeous and you are going to love it!






Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

12 thoughts on “Beautiful bunting

  1. Wow Leann this is gorgeous, I can imagine the laminate to be difficult to work with but you’ve done a fabulous job.
    You have been working with some beautiful fabrics, can I be cheeky and ask where you get it from. It may give me the incentive to make something with gorgeous fabric.

    Hugs Julie xxxx

    1. Thanks Julie, I get it from all over the place really, there is a lovely market stall in durham and their shop called the quilters cupboard at angles moor. I get a lot here, I also se Cath Kidston fabric which I’ve been luck enough to have bough for me my my son and Sara, just a like bit lifts a project so you don’t ave to use all your good stuff at once……I also buy from and eBay is a never ending source of beautiful and reasonable fat quarters 🙂

  2. Hi Leann, Love your bag. I wanted to make a bag for my silhouette portrait which I brought when it first came on C&C & I wanted it padded at the bottom & a bag at the top for paper etc & the leads. I used oil cloth which I think is the same as you’ve used. As I said I padded it at the bottom with wadding & cardboard to make it like a box with a flap at one end which opens up & just wadding at the top. I got on ok with it & only had the handles to sew on when they started our bathroom & then my mum had her knee done ( a hole new knee) & then we had our heating done & now I’m not to well, so still have the handles to sew on lol.

  3. well done it is a devil to sew isn’t it, i made a mouse door stop from this type of fabric a few weeks ago. love your fabric though i saw some in a shop only yesterday and thought how pretty it was.

  4. Leanne your bag making is coming on leaps and bounds beautiful, I have finally made my Cricut bag I am sort of pleased with it as the teachers used to say good effort but needs a little tweek here and there! x

    1. Most of my things need a little tweak here and there I wont be applying for the great british sewing bee any time soon!

  5. Hi Leann, Where do you get your patterns from ??. There really good & I wouldn’t mind having a go at some of them myself.

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