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Cherry Blossom – Bamboo Style!

Good Morning everyone,

Here is another one of my favourite stamp designs it’s the gorgeous little Bamboo sitting in a cherry blossom branch. I think this stamp has been designed well, because the flowers are actually the main feature, but little bamboo nestled in the flowers adds just the right amount of cuteness.


So I have returned to an easel card design, because I do love an easel card! the pretty pale backing paper in the background is again printed from the CD, this CD is packed with the most amazing paper’s in the most beautiful mix of pastel and dark/bright tones, very useable and incredibly designer.


If you are new to card making, welcome 🙂 , one of the questions I am asked the most is how do you make your designs look so effective,  so  for all the newbies out there I have three things that you need to refer to as the card-making law until you gain confidence to experiment with different styles and techniques.  These are:

  • Matt and layer, Matt and layer, Matt and layer! – by matting and layering your designs , you will frame your work beautifully, and really drawn the eye into your card design. (matting and layering is simply building up layers of colours of card/paper which match with your overall theme, each one getting gradually smaller so you can see the colour below.
  • Matts and layers MUST always be straight, no donkey’s back legs allowed 🙂  – invest in a good paper trimmer, that way all your cutting will be straight and your creations will be as impressive as  the professionals.  The clever cut range will provide something for all budgets, jobs and space you have available.
  • I must have the right glue for the job (one glue does all will simply not work, you need a good glue for flat matting and layering, one for 3D and strong work, and one to attach small embellishments firmly.  Collall glue is in my opinion, the best glue in the world, so invest in this and your creations will be stuck professionally

The card above is a very simple layout where matting and layering has provided all the design feature needed.


A tiny piece of my  treasured velvet ribbon with an epiphany filigree custom embellishment really adds the final touch of elegance to the stopper on the easel card.  I have used the CD, which has loads of Bamboo images re-sized to fit in the epiphany tools simply and easily, I have used Oval 25 Shape Studio, matching bubble caps and the matching oval metal finding.  You can find the whole Epiphany range here.

So you may have noticed, it’s Sunday, and I am up bright and breezy lemon squeezy today because I have a day of very exciting things ahead.  I will be sewing all day, and my fab friend Sarah Millsop will be coming over to join in the fun, my dining room as been turned into a sewing workshop, we have machine’s, we have fabric (lot’s of it thanks to the very wonderful Mr John Bloodworth), we have Debbie Shore’s fabulous you tube video’s on continuous loop, we have tea, we have cake, and we have chocolate.  I think that’s everything!

Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you are doing 🙂

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

6 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom – Bamboo Style!

  1. That is a beautiful card. I will use for inspiration. Not supposed to be getting any more CDs but it looks like I must have this one! Love you designs.

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