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Stitches Day 3 – don’t forget you can win stuff

Morning great night out last night with our Geordie friends Raman and Jodie, and Mr Collall, Reynier……

We all had a couple of sherbets and a good old giggle, isn’t it great when your work colleagues are your friends too 🙂









As you can see Simon is a little tinker and always does something so you can’t get his picture unless you’re not expecting it,and he bombs one 🙂

Today because its the last day of the show the winner will win 3 angelica stamps so don’t forget to comment and share and ill announce the winner this evening

See you later 🙂




Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

30 thoughts on “Stitches Day 3 – don’t forget you can win stuff

  1. i can were that it has been a success both the show and getting the right mix of people top make such a happy and successful environment long may it last

  2. Its looks like you are all having a great time! Can’t wait to visit Hobbycrafts in March! I’m bringing my Mum and we are continuing to add to our shopping lists!

  3. Well, it looks like you have all having a fabulous time and you had a lovely evening with special friends.

    I’ve got a friend who’s just like Simon and would rather bomb a picture than actually pose for one, but as it’s all in good fun and you do get a photo of them in the end, then that’s the fun of it.

    Enjoy the rest of your time together having fun while working. As there’s not many people these days that can actually say they have fun at work, you have all been blessed with a great team of special people who are your friends and your work colleagues.

    Take care. Happy Crafting!!! 🙂

    Lynn (delphinoid) X X

  4. Now that looks like a fun night out 🙂
    Hope your having a good day at stitches… Wish I could have attended the show but I have been really poorly recently 😦 so I have been filling my days with the angelica cd that I bought from create and craft.
    You have all done an amazing job putting the CD together that I am still finding new things 🙂
    Thank you all for keeping me occupied with it.
    Jenny xxx

  5. Looks like you have enjoyed your show. I hope I am adding your link correctly. I am a technophobe and really struggle with the whole blog thing. I love all the Crafters Companion products and have just joined Club Inspire.
    Chris Kelly

  6. Leann you all look like you all having a great break after show .l am having a duevt day as got chest infection feel awful but reading your blogg makes me feel better thanks for sharing your news.
    Hugs Christina Smith x

  7. You all seem to have a great time in Birmingham. I hope it is also equally successful. And I could not resist to share a link to this blog post on Twitter. 😉

    Heike x

  8. It looks like you have all had a great time, good for you, I just wish I could have been there.
    The meal you are at looks great, you really should eat all your vegetables though Leanne!!
    LOL! xxx

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