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A Christmas bowl … and a little epiphany

Hello all

My stitchery has continued ….. I have followed another one of Debbie’s you tube’s
to make a fabric gift bag/bowl, I’ve made it in matching fabric to go with the hearts I made on
Saturday. I adapted it a little and stitched in some internal darts to keep it a little bit more upright, i only knew where to put them because of my love of making bon bon boxes on the ultimate. I love this fabric it has a lovely home spun feel.

Apologies for the terrible light it’s late, ill take better ones in the daylight and replace them.

The inside is lined with a co-ordinating fabric, which gives it a really finished feel.


I needed some buttons to hold the corners down, and didn’t have 4 the same, so I had an epiphany, literally! I used 4 of the buttons which are designed to use in the epiphany button tool,stuck them on some co-ordinating fabric and cut round them, voila matching buttons! The hand made with love label has been stuck on with collall PVA from the crafters companion website πŸ™‚ – I love it that m using my paper crafting stuff in my sewing projects, in fact I am going to make that my mission!


Once it’s got it’s little gifts in or choccies, I think it really is a lovely gift…20121202-205557.jpg

Hope you like it πŸ™‚




Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

9 thoughts on “A Christmas bowl … and a little epiphany

  1. Oh My Giddy Aunt, I love it Leann, WOW you have got your stitching hat on and I’m loving what you are making, Such fabulous ideas, love it love it love it xxxxx

  2. Hi Leann…I am just so impressed with your new talents…well done. I don’t know which I like best but I think the gift bag/bowl might just have the edge on the hearts…am thinking of all different bits you can put in for a pressie. Especially like the thought of using craft bits in with the sewing. I have been trying to make presents this year and am busy knitting and crochet(ing) but was thinking I might have to make some things a bit quicker and sewing things is now coming into my thoughts.

    Well done again….keep up the good work…I’ll be waiting for your next project!!! No pressure then!?!?



  3. Leann this is absolutely gorgeous, you clever thing, I absolutely love this.
    Anywon would feel very special recieving it.
    Well done with your new addiction haha
    best wishes
    Kim Robertson xxx

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