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The Ultimate Pen Storage ……….. OMG!

Good Afternoon all

I am beside myself today because I have got the Ultimate Pen Storage……. Literally 🙂  Here is a Sneaky Peak of the perfect solution to all your pen storage problems…….. I may get into a bit of trouble, but hey, I’m going on Holiday in a couple of days so…… 🙂

Honestly it is the most amazing thing ever (can you tell I like it) it’s modular so you can build a customised solution and shape to fit your needs exactly each module holds 12 pens and you can build horizontally and vertically to clip together your perfect storage solution.

Here is a side view to show you how it steps back when you build it up, BUT, this is the good bit, if you don’t have the desk space to accommodate this slant, you can build it straight up and vertical 🙂 – so flexible and so many options 🙂

And even better than that! – it will take every single brand of pen on the market, we have tested them all, so no matter what you preference is with regard to your colouring medium this storage solution will work for you 🙂

When I get back from holiday jaunt I may have some very special TV shows on the way with this (nudge nudge wink wink) so watch this space 🙂

It’s also really sturdy and portable, I’ve managed to lift up the whole thing and move it from my office to downstairs and back again without any problems 🙂

You are going to LOVE IT!

bet you can’t wait 🙂


PS – the final colour of the tray is far better than this – I’ve pinched the prototype’s because I couldn’t wait!



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

49 thoughts on “The Ultimate Pen Storage ……….. OMG!

  1. NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is all…….lol!

    This is fab just what I need for my desk my promarkers are in pots and I hate routing through them to find the colour I need


  2. These look super and would be better than me having to get up, turn and bend to a cupboard where I have A5 boxes of pens stacked up. Only trouble with them is that hubby would see all the pens I have, ha ha.

    1. we’ll have them on the Crafter’s COmpanion website soon, and I am sure we will have them on TV too 5.99 for 1 module that holds 12 pens – but I am sure we will be doing some clever offer multi-buy thingies too 🙂

  3. Hey sweetie not only do I want your pen collection but I NEED this too, I have a craft wardrobe thingy and this would be perfect for the way the desk folds out, where can I get one?

  4. LOL… I get the picture today of the raw product and you have to tease us that you already have one all filled up! ha ha ha… I guess you can say I am jealous! Guess you don’t love me all that much! lol.

  5. I like the fact that the pens are in individual slots and won’t slide about. Bank card ready and waiting. Thanks for sneak preview.xx

  6. Dear Santa,
    I would like the Ultimate pen storage system from Crafters Companion for christmas.
    I have been a very, very good girl, honest……….!!!!!

  7. Jeanb
    this is what we have all been waiting for no doubt it will sell out as do all of crafters companion struff, cannot wait

  8. Gotta have this , it looks fantastic! Don’t wait too long to let us have it and ORDER PLENTY OF STOCK TOO, as everyone will want one.

  9. I MUST have one of these i’ve tried all sorts of methods of storing pens and while boxes are great and portable, trying to find the colour you want without routing thro’ them all is a nightmare. this would be perfect

  10. I am sure this will be a hit. I Love it, but I have my pens in portable storage. However….I need a place to store my Copic various ink refills…..will those fit in these holders?

  11. OMG !!!! I’ve just seen the pen storage thingy…….. I’ve just got to have one of them!! it’ll make life so much easier instead of rummaging through a box or having them rolling all over the table !!!

  12. OMG… when and where can I get this??? This is perfect… just what I need, I made up my own solution but its not the best too difficult to see which pen is which, and I can’t take out too many in the same row or it collapse!!!!

  13. I am a bit excited about this!! I have been looking for storage for my pens for ages that displays them in a way that is accessible when colouring!! This is fabulous .. I am definitely watching this space!! Laura x

  14. Hi how much and where do I buy these storage units? I’m very interested in them. Are you planning on bringing out portable storage larger than the existing 12pens canvas storage?

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