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WOWSER – Printable Magnetic Paper!

Is blooming marvellous ……..

I finally got around to trying my little stash out last night and my oh my do I love it.

So here are the first sheets I have printed from the Morehead CD a topper sheet with 12 toppers on, and sheet of pretty peach dotty background paper. –  It printed effortlessly….


So I was sat looking at it and I thought hmmmmm, i wonder if I can die-cut it? So, I’ll never know unless I try right! so as you can see below I took the two largest tags from our brand new Die’sire range and placed them side by side ready for my printed magnetic sheet.


I whipped through my eBosser (the only one in the UK i might add 😉 )  – and look effortless and very precise, printed and die-cut magnets! Whooo Hooooo


And just to prove they work here is a picture of them on my fridge 🙂 you can just see my “Run Forrest Run” sign and my beautiful and much missed Rosie …..

My mind is now BUZZING with ideas …. I can make card’s  with detachable gifts of fridge magnets, I can shape them and decorate them because I can die-cut them, I can print family photographs and include them as a magnet on a card! ……. the possibilities are endless! I wonder …….. can I emboss it! (I will test it and let you know!)

You will find these fabulous new printable magnetic sheets on the Crafter’s Companion website for just £9.99 for 5 sheets.  As you can see I have used one and quarter sheets here and I have the makings of 14 magnets for cards! so by my calculation’s that’s only 22p per customised and personalised magnet! Bargain!

Have fun, and don’t forget to let me see what you do with them 🙂

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

7 thoughts on “WOWSER – Printable Magnetic Paper!

  1. This is a lovely idea Leann. They would make nice little presents. I wonder if my printer would take magnetic sheets as I already have some but feel scared to put them into the printer

  2. psst…. Leann……. if you can die cut it – your electronic cutter should cut it too…….. so many more shapes to play with…………. just sayin’

      1. LOL I try everything in my electronic cutters. you’d need to play to get your blade depth & pressure right but you have that, you are set to go.

  3. Wow fantastic Leann they are gorgeous, I have some but not used it yet you have set me off, and what a fab idea of Gaz’s wouldn’t have thought about that, will have a go at that too.

    Hugs Julie x

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