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Moreheads POTW – a huge announcement

O my blooming Giddy Aunt!

I cannot wait to let you all know that something big is happening with our Morehead Pick of the Week, which is due to launch on Friday 27th at noon as usual…… well, everyone here at Crafter’s Companion and Create and Craft know it’s going to be so unbelievably popular, that we are doing two bonus preview shows on the Thursday Night! I know can you believe it! – this has never happened before to my knowledge so It’s absolutely amazing.  It means I need to get my bottom in gear and head off to the studios earlier than usual, but who cares when it’s for something as absolutely awesome as this!

So tune in to Create and Craft at 6pm on Thursday and you will see moi with the POTW, so you can get yours before the POTW rush at 12 noon on the Friday.

Be warned, this is a massive deal having Morehead on a CD for the first ever time, it has taken me almost three years to secure this range digitally for you, then we have exclusive access to the stamps, the decoupage kits and some fabulous Hunkdory stuff too!

It will fly out and never in a million years last the week……just giving you the heads up!

To celebrate, I am going to run a competition here on my blog, so all you have to do is leave me a comment on this post, letting me know what you think of the Morehead range, and then advertise this post on your blog if you have one (i’ll be checking) or facebook/twitter if you don’t – on Thursday at 12 noon before I head off  to the studio’s I’ll draw a winner, you will win the double disc CD and also both the Hunkydory kits that we launch on the Thursday Night.  I am even going to throw in a tub of the best glue in the world (Collall all purpose for those who don’t know what I am talking about).

I finished colouring this little guy tonight who I LOVE – actually I love all the stamps!

Jennie won with her colour suggestion for his trousers and shirt and I am actually really thrilled with the results, hope you like him too.  I have started another one  this evening so I will be sharing that with you tomorrow when the light is better and I can photograph her.

So just so you don’t miss out show time are:

Thursday 26th – 6pm  (Pick of the week preview!)

Friday 27th – 12 noon POTW launch

Friday 27th – 3pm

Friday 27th – 5pm

Saturday 28th – 8am

Saturday 28th – 1pm

Saturday 28th — 5pm

Sunday 29th – 4pm

Sunday 29th – 6pm

Monday 30th – 2pm

Monday 30th – 6pm

There will be shows on the Tuesday Thursday and Friday – if there is any left – there won’t be! so don’t hang around or we’ll have another Mulberry Wood situation where there are lots of disappointed peeps out there 🙂

I really am absolutely blooming excited

See you Thursday – pass on the message……..and be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize




Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

63 thoughts on “Moreheads POTW – a huge announcement

  1. wow wow wow wow wow i am so excited i cant contain myself ,i have these images in decoupage from crafters companion by reddy they are stunning,thanks for working so hard to bring them on cd and stamps.i am so excited!

  2. wow wow wow i so love the morehead range and am so excited to see them in cd-rom format and with stamps tooooooooo……. i so so so need to watch thursday night to get mine x well done leann x x off no to advertise this in my blog as per rules for the draw x x cannot wait to see the shows can imagine a fast sell out like the mulberry woods x x

  3. i am excited to see these little sweeties being ready for us crafters.
    though i love that they will be available in every possible crafting form, i am overjoyed and looking forward to the stamp range which will allow me to play with my spectrum noir pens and colour their lovley faces.
    thank you leann, sara and crafter’s companion. xx

  4. What a fabulous range …..absolutely love the Morehead Collection, will definately need to tune in on Thursday…thanks for letting us know Leanne.

  5. I am loving the new Morehead range. All the lovely images, some with their wonderfully oversized hats! They are so cute. With CDs, stamps and decoupage too – all of my favourite crafty things!! xx

  6. Never used it but can’t wait to see it and give it a go just got into digi crafting and love it building my cd collection

  7. I saw your post on Facebook and hoped on over to see the news. Wow I wasn’t expecting early shows but OMG these are so cute I know they are going to fly out of the warehouse. Perhaps we ought to do a sweep kn how many shows you will get to do LOL

  8. What an incredible scoop for you getting this onto CD – Morehead is so adorable! Off now to advertise this post on my blog – if I can type with fingers crossed! xxx

  9. oh my giddy aunt indeed, I have always adored the morehead designs and now I will be able to have them at my fingertips whenever I feel the urge, which is quite often, to do some decoupage. Many thanks for creating this collection, xxx

  10. How exciting love the idea of a cd for digi images that is the best you have worked so hard and we really appreciate it..

  11. LOVE Moreheads, have had some Decoupage from a while back and they are all just to die for….OOOOhhhhhh Super Duper Excited:D…..Ooh ooohhh!!! Thats another goody that I gotta have added to the top of the ever, ever growing long list of crafty must haves. I will be counting down the hours/min’s/days now till the launch. Ooohhh Super Excited :D. Fingers X & Double XX for the giveaway. Thanks Leann X O X, Loving the sneaky preview of the image so far….Such a cutie pie, cant wait to see whats in store for 2moro…well today now actually…oohhh so that means even less time to have to wait till the launch..YiIIppppeeeEEE 😀 Mahoosive Crafty Hugs for the heads up X ((((((((O))))))))) X

  12. Hi Leanne, didnt know what this range was til now, am looking 4ward to the shows and seeing u on air, is always such a pleasure x

  13. Hi Leann, didnt know what this range was til now, am looking 4ward to the shows and seeing u on air, is always such a pleasure x

  14. I can not wait until the launch!! this is a must have!!… Thank you Crafters Companion for bringing us such wonderful ranges.
    Hugs Maxine x x x

  15. So glad i’m on holiday, i can watch without any interuptions. So lookijng forward to this one. I think the animal section is goint to be a firm favourite in our household. Good luck with the pick of the week.

  16. Wow what can I say it looks brilliant, I can’t wait for Thursday I need it now. Just when I said you couldn’t beat mulberry woods , and you always do bring something else. Well done to all the team x

  17. These are so cute, they remind me a bit of Mabel Lucie Attwell. sleeping off nights so the alarm clock will have to be sat. (Note to self —- DO NOT TURN THE ALARM OFF AND GO BACK TO SLEEP).

  18. Oh wow Leann what a fantastic giveaway, can you believe me, i’ve never used the collal glue before but i’m sure i’d be converted if I did. I adore moorhead and love the way they are suitable for any age, the images are so nostalgic and just the cutest.
    Thanks for a chance to win, I have your giveaway on my sidebar.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  19. Can’t wait for the launch this week… and we have less time to wait now with the launch tomorrow!!! ….. So exxxxxxxxcccccccccccccccccccited!

  20. Wow what a fantastic cd, can see this will disappear fast. Adorable cute characters. Will tune in tomorrow.

  21. I share your excitment Leanne They look beautiful…..a little confession i don’t have a blog (just because I dont know how or what to do) so I will be sharing on my facebook page….again i am not that good on there either.

    Looking forward to the shows keep up the good work Annx

  22. Absolutely adorable. Can’t wait for the POW preview. Not seen these characters before. Looking forward to working with them

  23. Leann, this collection looks simply stunning, Ruth has such a talent, I cannot wait until launch day/evening on THURSDAY! I have seen some really gorgeous samples from the design team and cannot wait to start playing. Thanks. xxx

  24. looks brilliant! hope I win 🙂 but if I dont I will have to buy it anyway.
    so by hook or by crook it will be heading my way 🙂

  25. Leann can’t wait to see moreheads pow as i’ve always loved the characters- but NOW TO HAVE THEN ON CD How exciting good luck for the launch been tuned in

    Many thanks. Xx

  26. Leann, they look amazing.I still have a stamped image from the swalk collection that you coloured in for me at the NEC and I always use it for inspiration / help with colouring images. The techniques will be brilliant for using on the Morehead images, which are, by the way, fantastic. Looking forward to the show on Thursday!
    Thanks for securing this fantastic range AND for getting it on a CD!

  27. I think you are definitely onto a winner with this range. They bring back fond memories of sitting in my Grandma’s kitchen surrounded by her ornaments.
    Thank you for giving us crafter’s the chance ti work with them.

  28. Wow .Have used Morehead decoupage for years and love the cute little children.T have on a CD is fantastic.Good on you Leanne

  29. Hi Leanne, this is first I’ve hear of Morehead, but the little guy looks just like my Grandson, so. Must get this CD. Besr wishes, Lesley x

  30. Wow, Leanne, how exciting, I can’t believe it, Morrehead gang on a cd, I can’t get over it thank you so much you Crafters Companion girl. Looking forward to this very much Love Heather Jefery

  31. Oh my word they are so adorable and homely characters and very useable. Can’t wait until the release – will be watching.Thank you for this amazing chance to win. hugs Debbie x

  32. I have actually just found your blog but these images are adorable! Would love to get started coloring some of them up and good luck with the release!

  33. How I would love to receive this CD. Although I never win any blog candies or anything when it comes to luck but here it goes.
    Thanks for the chance.

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