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Ganz viel Glück…… and an experiment!

…. 0r as we would say it Lots of Luck…… and an experiment

Today I have been colouring more of my shrooms, I am actually quite getting to love them, and I think I will miss this little stamp when I go home.  I have coloured loads of these today, and the customers are taking them  with them because they love them so much.

After colouring several in the traditional red toadstool, blue sky configuration, I decided who says in toadstool world that they are red and the sky is blue!  So off I set experimenting with new colour combo’s and I have to say I was thrilled with some of the results, it actually turned out that pink mushrooms and turquoise sky was a favourite closely followed by brown mushrooms and dark turquoise sky! – What’s yours?

This little experiment got me to thinking, when I get home I am going to choose one fairly simple stamp and colour it in as many combo’s as possible, really pushing my boundaries, and see what I come up with, it may be something I love, like the grey mushrooms with pink sky above 🙂

We had another fabulous day today, and I was lucky enough to be in the “tent” which is really a marquee for lunch when Mr Rahyer himself, announced the winners of the day’s Tombola prizes, which were stunning handmade creations, great fun 🙂

Pete from Sizzix, whom I’ve no doubt you have seen on TV and at shows, has been making some simply stunning creations with their dies, folders and some ink.  I have set him a challenge today of making three wise men on a card, from only circles! he has already made a dinosaur, Santa, Snowman and Birds…… I’ll get some photo’s and show you tomorrow.

I have been checking out some of the other demonstrators creations and I have to say, I really think that handmade baubles, will feature huge in my Christmas decorations this year – these are simply stunning.

OK, finally for today, as we were leaving for the hotel, I came across the most glamorous lady I have seen in quite a while!

She’s 4ft high and tucked away under the stairs, I need to find out why she is there  🙂

Ok – will hopefully see you tomorrow with an update on Pete’s challenge…..

Wir sehen uns morgen, guten Rutsch ins Handwerk 🙂

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

2 thoughts on “Ganz viel Glück…… and an experiment!

  1. Looks like you are really enjoying yourself. I prefer the bottom set of mushrooms – I like the bolder colours. The paper stars I have seen before- an ex work colleague tried to teach me how to fold them – they would look nice with coloured paper and glitter. Look forward to your next days adventurers.

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