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More cards and a hidden competition – can you find it?

Good Evening all

As promised I am uploading, up close pictures, of my cards from yesterday.  I had a chance to take them this morning, when the light was a little better, and I am taking the opportunity to post them now while cooking the tea! (Spaghetti Bolognese in case you are interested!)

I keep looking at them and I really love them, sad I know, but I think they are a really stylish alternative to the norm  so here we go with the first one the floral card with apertures  for buttons so you can see through to the back.


On the inside of the card I thought the buttons on their own looked a little random, so I included a picket fence from e-craft central, I have become a little picket fence obsessed of late, and I am putting them wherever I can manage!  I also included some stems and leaves so the buttons look like flowers.  Since this photo was taken I have added leaves to the two smaller flowers too, on my husbands creative advice!


Next up is my favourite the Party card, which is a fab little 3D number which folds flat into an A6 envelope (the envelope is included with the SVG’s as well so you can cut one out of pretty paper :).  I love this card, the bunting is very “on trend”  and I have stuck another little picket fence inside to carry on the garden party theme, that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!


Here is the card from the side so you can see the dimension. I totally love it.


Who can spot the difference between this card and the previous photo from yesterday?  correct answers will be drawn at random tomorrow night and a lucky winner will receive a bottle of the best glue in the world Collall all Purpose , which I used to make all these cards.  I won’t  approve the comments with correct answers in till tomorrow all in one go to keep it fair and not give the answer away 🙂

Next up is a get well card, love this design, I’ve also taken a close up picture of the text which is the faux chipboard effect using 5 layers of text layered up, a really cool effect.

The faux chipboard lettering

The last two cards are the Hello You and Just because cards, I love them both as they are a bit different, but fit in with the “set” perfectly.  There are another two cards and two gift boxes in this svg set from, for $6.99, it’s a snip, because I will use them time and again.  Especially to make little card gift sets for friends and family.

I’ve used my epiphany round 14 and vintage settings to make the embellishment.  I love Epiphany embellishments I don’t know how I managed without them, it makes perfectly co-0rdinated embellishments quickly and easily every single time 🙂

Finally, the Hello You card, which I know I’m sending to a good friend tomorrow!

Hope you are inspired to try some fabulous sets of your own, using only die cut elements and a couple of little embellishments.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more cool stuff and Ill be doing some sneaky peeks and a competition on Thursday so hurry back

I’d love to hear what you favourite SVG files are if you’ve tried them 🙂

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

39 thoughts on “More cards and a hidden competition – can you find it?

  1. You have changed the number of circular pearl dots on the bunting, there are now 3 on the one on the left, yesterday there was only one. There are no none on the middle one, there was 1 yesterday. 🙂 Have downloaded the SVG files but not had time to try them yet.

  2. Hi fabulous cards. Really like the first one, different. The difference between the two cards is the pearl embellishments on the bunting, you’ve changed them from one each on first two bunting pieces to three in centre of first piece and none on the other, looks better less random x thanks for sharing the close ups x

  3. Lovely cards – I may well have to get that card set from SVG. You have moved one of the flat backed pearls from the pink flag to the brown and then added a third pearl to the brown flag

  4. Yep thats it the dot! I wondered that but thought it was the way the photo was taken but think that was just to fool us!! It’s defo the dot!!! It’s higher in one picture than it is in the other!!!
    Debbie x

  5. Each of the small ‘flags’ of the bunting used to have one adhesive gem. Now the one on the left has three gems and the middle one none.

  6. There is a blue ‘thing’ between the P and the A in the first picture but it appears to have slipped down and be caught in the fence in the second picture.

  7. Just spotted another difference, in the photo from yesterday there is only one pearl embellishment on the brown piece of bunting and one pearl on the red bunting but on todays picture there aren’t any pearls on the red bunting and 3 pearls on the brown bunting.

  8. Lovely cards. I think the difference on the cards is that on the other one you had one gem on the brown bunting, one on the pink and one on the green along with the flower and on today’s you have 3 gems on the brown, none on the pink and the green is the same as on the other card.

  9. the brown bunting now has three gems on it – yesterday it had 1
    also the middle bunting has no gems – yesterday it had 1

  10. There are three pearls on the brown ribbon and none on the middle one, but yesterday, there was one pearl on all three ribbons x

  11. On the first card there are gems on all three pendants and the flower is smaller. On today’s picture the first pendant has three gemstones and the flower is fluffier.

  12. Seems to me that you should use your flash on the second photo as it is very dark compared to the first and then maybe we could see the difference.He! xx

    1. Thank you for that helpful advice Jan, unfortunately as it was very early in the morning the flash was causing an awful glare, and you would have been able to see less than you can now 😉 – he he Lx

  13. Truly beautiful cards Leann! :0) I adore all of these… wow!
    The answer is that you have added extra dots to the Party card hun… (and if I’m right I’ll be amazed… I’m not even wearing my glasses yet!) Rofl. :0)

    Truly wonderful creations sweetie.

    1. Forgive me not dots – the correct word is pearls isn’t it? hehehe.. I’m dealing with little-lies and getting us all out the door… no good at multi-tasking this early.. lol.xx

  14. Hi Leann

    the gems on the original one there was one on the left and one in the middle – there is now three on the left and none in them middle – absolutely love the cards – lots of inspiration.


  15. Leann I just love these cards must buy this SVG, love the way you have done the buttons with the cut out they looks lovely.

    Pam xx

  16. One card is a normal fold card and the other is a sort of box 3D shape.

    I have this svg set of cards and not done anything with them yet, thanks for the inspiration Leanne, they’re awesome xx

  17. Hi Leanne.
    The difference is that you have moved the gems on the three banners, so that there are 3 gems on the end one with no flower instead of one gem on each.

  18. I know now…doh! silly me. It’s the little coloured pearls on the banners. 1st one has 3 on it, 2nd one has none and the last one has 1. But on the one from yesterday has 1 on each of them……..

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