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I am beside my self with anticipation!

for the newest addition’s to the Humphrey range ……… 🙂

Here they are, just a little sneak of a peak of our new Humphrey stamps these are just 3 of my favourites from the 12 new designs we will be launching with some other really really fabulously cool stuff too…… I CAN NOT WAIT!

What’s even better! is that I have recorded 3 mini video clips showing you in finite detail how to colour each one of these images from beginning to end.  You are going to be blown away with our new Humphrey range which will be winging its way to you very soon indeed, there are some other fabulous surprise’s in store for you too 😉

Sara and I had a little healthy competition on who would get to go and launch then new range this weekend, we drew straws, I WON! Hurrah!  So, these are the show times:

Sunday 22nd April  – 11am (exciting news! show just added) 2pm and 5pm – Create and Craft

Monday 23rd April – 9am, 11am and 6pm – Create and Craft

Honestly, you have to tune in we are all having kittens at what we have managed to do with this new release it’s awesome, I am planning some fabulous demo’s and detailed colouring of the stamps too, don’t forget my mini video clips with step be step detailed tutorials too, I really hope you like them as much as me 🙂

See you Sunday, but I’ll be uploading more coloured examples of the stamps as the week progresses, so keep stopping back 🙂

Have fun whatever you are doing

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

10 thoughts on “I am beside my self with anticipation!

  1. More beautiful Humphrey images! I have yet to see one I couldn’t or wouldnt use. Cant say that about many collections! I really must treat myself soon…

  2. Soooh cool!! Smiles!
    I think we’re all having kittens honey! (Or is that humphrey’s?? Hehehe.)
    good luck Leann – though I know you won’t need it..
    can’t wait!

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