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Music saves my soul Saturday …..

OK I know its Sunday,

I think I need to Tattoo this on my arm so I don’t forget – Sorry Marcea, but here I am now, Joining in as promised, and I will really make an effort to remember every Saturday I PROMISE!

I love this idea for a weekly event from the lovely Marcea, (I love Marcea šŸ™‚ )

I think this is a wonderful idea as music has saved my soul many times……. This week I would like to share two with you one that evokes wonderful memories, and the other that just makes we want to crank it loud and sing along when ever I hear it. So for the first it has to be this one, which reminds me of my son dancing around the living room marching like a soldier in circles with his dad to the tune. It is one of the first songs he ever took notice of and he loved it – still does!

The second one is one of my favourite groups of all time (apart from take that, and many many others) The Proclaimers, now I could have put the whole album on here, but if I had to choose the one which which I turn up so the windows rattle and the floor pulsates its this one! go on try it Turn it up LOUD šŸ™‚

I could keep going with loads more! – Marcea, thank you I have had such amazing fun doing this and I am smiling and singing and guess what listening to the whole blooming album now – MWAH to you

Enjoy – L x

de le loodle looo de le loodle looo, de le loodle looo, de le loodle looo, de le loodle looo – you know your doing it šŸ˜‰



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

2 thoughts on “Music saves my soul Saturday …..

  1. Woohoo, you made it!!!!!!!! So pleased you managed to join in hun with 2 great songs!!! Hope to see you this week again …… another Proclaimers song?????? Lol, see you soon xxx

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