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Strictly Craft Dancing – what you have all been waiting for :)

Good Evening all

It’s taken me a while, but I’ve fiddled and faddled and here it is, the now infamous Strictly Craft Dancing with Dean Wilson and myself 🙂 – I have a right good chuckle at this I can tell you!

My bags are packed,, I’ve had one little Vino Collapso, strictly for medicinal purposes of course!, and now a right good gold belly laugh at this. You never know maybe Dean and I will get our dancing shoes on the POTW this week, I believe I have Dean for 2 whole hours tomorrow night, so really looking forward to that as we get on so well, our sense of humour is very similar.

So here we go from me to you – ENJOY!

Apologies for the poor vision and sound, If I told you what I’d had to do to get this on here for you, you wouldn’t believe it!

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

34 thoughts on “Strictly Craft Dancing – what you have all been waiting for :)

  1. I love this…..I said at the time it was hilarious and it still is. I’m looking forward to the shows tomorrow, I love to watch you craft.

    Best wishes


  2. Thanks for that!! Missed it when it was on. Love Dean he is so funny! Enjoy tomorrow, wonder what you two will get up to this time. xx

  3. I love this can you keep it on the web so when i am down i can smile. This is so funny but I think you had the right man to do it with.

  4. What a great clip, You are so natural Leann, you seem to take everything in your stride, I love watching your shows and when you throw Dean in the mix well…… thats a recipe for fun fun fun.
    Have a great day tomorrow.
    Lottie x

  5. Oh My I remember seeing this and being in stitches then, now I can hardly see to type as I’m laughing so much. I am SO looking forward to todays shows. Thanks Leanne for bringing it to us again.

  6. I remember watching that when it was the live show and it was so funny then, as it still is now. What a wonderful way to craft, lol.

    Thanks for sharing it with us again.

    Happy ‘Strictly Come’ Crafting!!!

    Lynn (delphinoid) 🙂 X X

  7. Oh Leann – this is priceless….. very funny. How come I missed this going live??????
    Thanks for sharing this with us, of course it could only happen with Dean, he’s such a good sport.


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