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Humphrey’s Corner Christmas Collection ……

Good Evening

Tonight I have been playing with the new Humphrey’s Corner Christmas Stamps – I love love love love them! and my Spectrum Noir Pens 🙂 I wanted to share this image with you, because I get asked so much of the time how do you colour red so it doesn’t look flat, well in answer to the question I have a question in return! – when is red not red? – answer when it’s grey! warm grey to be precise. Would you believe me if I told you this Santa suit was coloured in approximately 45% of grey? well it is!

I’ve only used them main 12 sets of pens to colour this stamp, the sets I have used are Essentials (optional), Warm Greys, Red’s, Green’s, Brown’s and Skin (optional)….

Now before you all start crying out, but wait you are not a professional colourer inerer for you have gone out of the lines, yes once or twice I have indeed gone out of the lines, do I give a jot! nope! for we are all human! and I did colour it in a bit of a rush, my excuse and I am sticking to it!

I am so excited for tomorrow night’s launch of the Humphrey Christmas Collection, it is truly stunning, and one or two people have said its better than the first launch! which is a fairly bold claim Marcea Watkins! 🙂

I love it, and have really enjoyed working to geth the range ready for you, keep checking the Crafter’s companion blog for the show times, as I am sure they will be added, and in fact I’ll try to add them here myself tomorrow.

Hope you like this little piccie of Humph meeting ahem “Father Christmas” – it’s my favourite as it reminds me of Peter meeting father Christmas for the first time, and the look of awe and wonder on his little face ……. and then every boxing day “father Christmas” made an appearance at my parents in laws house with some presents he had “found” in his sack and forgotten to leave for him, very special memories 🙂

See you tomorrow at 9pm on Ideal World

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

6 thoughts on “Humphrey’s Corner Christmas Collection ……

  1. fab-u-lous darling as craig revel horwood would say…… ha ha did you watch on sat. goodness x factor and strictly back it’ll be christmas before we know it. and i go out of the lines too sometimes and i still use the image, so what none of us are perfect. any way talking about christmas these are just fab stamps and i can’t wait for the launch tomorrow. i will be watching……….. louise

  2. The new Humphrey images are gorgeous!! As of this morning, I am now the proud owner of every pen in the Speccie range!!! (I’m very luck to have got an early birthday present!!) I was wondering – the blending charts you’ve done for the six pen sets have proved invaluable to me, and I’ve paired up colours that I never would have done, with great success! What I’m wondering is – will you be doing the same kinda thing across the whole range? Could you give us any pointers? I’m in love with my six pen sets and now I want to know how to fit in the 24s! Thanks in advance. Marie xx

  3. Hi Leann

    this is gorgeous, my potd arrived today, all stamped and waiting for kiddos to snooze so I can have a colour, they are all truly gorgeous

    Joey x

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