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New Artist – Your opinion please?

Morning all

I have found an artist and I think some of these designs would work well in craft – what do you think? – I’ve put my name across them, because I don’t want them to be copied ! and low res so there no use to anyone 😉 – LOL

I will reveal their identity once I have your feedback, personally, I love them!

L x

Ps some of the designs are a bit chopped off to hide their signature 😉

My absolute favourite


Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

36 thoughts on “New Artist – Your opinion please?

    1. I think they’re beautiful but not sure I would make use of them in card making, except for the gorgeous yellow rose oh and maybe the poppy and the Iris…… lets go for all of them haha xx

  1. Hi Leann They are all beautiful but my favouraite one is the rose which is your fav too. I love it i would certainly put that up on my wall at home. I also think it would be good for decoupage as none of the images i used last week very any more advanced than this.


  2. Hi Leann,

    Totally agree with you. The artist does gorgeous aquarelle and I would be more than pleased to have a few of her creation in my craft box…

    Am like you, my favourite one is defo the rose. Hope it helps.

    Laurence xx

  3. Beautiful images, a very clever artist, think these would make lovely toppers as well as decoupage ,the colours are lovely too .
    Emma xxx

  4. Hi Leann

    What a very talented artist – love the colouring and the lines in the artwork… I love the poppy best of all – although all of them are drawn exceptionally well.

    However, I don’t think I would buy them as craft product because there are just so many florals out there and they aren’t different enough for me – taking nothing at all away from the artist and the talent, and the lovliness of the drawings. I just feel that something ought to shout “buy me” or “make me into a card” – and I don’t think these have the edge for me. Thats my honest opinion.

    If you were just thinking of making these into floral decoupage – die cut by reddy – its too predictable.

    My comments are my opinion only though – and not at all meant to offend anyone.

    Paula x x x

  5. Leann they are all so beautiful, I think they would be brilliant for any type of crafting even framed on a wall.

    Julie x

  6. Leann, these are beautiful, so delicate and would make stunning toppers for any occasion.
    Lots of love, Maggie xx

  7. hi leann, love these pics, the artist i have a feeling is some-one close to you, they are talented, and these indeed would be very nice put into craft, good luck with them, hope to see them before long. as to which one is a favourite, they are all of the same merit, but i do have a thing about roses, poppys, and magnolias.

  8. They are lovely, particuarly the Iris and the Rose, think these would be good for decoupage, have to admit, however, not so sure about the others – but then maybe Leanne you have new ideas for using them that we haven’t thought of?

  9. Hi Leann,

    Wow, gorgeous, haunting pictures – as well as using them for birthday, thank you and thinking of you cards, I think that they would make beautiful sympathy cards. I would love to have them in my craft library.


  10. Lovely flowers Leann – detail and colours are beautiful – I sense a new launch on C&C or IW coming up!!!


  11. Hi Leann Oh I like these pictures they are lovely. I thought they’d be good as stamps and some for paint fusion!!!. Any form of crafting really. Clever lady who’s painted them. Hugs Jenny xx

  12. Hi Leann,
    Yes I think they will make beautiful cards I have ideas buzzing in my head already.
    Go for it ! Keep all the new product coming Leann, fashion in cards moves very quickly.
    Thanks a bunch Laura

  13. I think they are gorgeous and I I believe most people love the rose because it stands out as it’s so vibrant. I believe they would make lovely stamps for colouring and some gorgeous backgrounds

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