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Humphrey Decoupage – Sneek Peak

Morning all

What a whirlwind of a couple of weeks I’ve had, anyhoo – all my cards are packed ready to whizz down to the IW shows, and I’ve not had time to photograph them for you 😦 – so I thought well what can I show them? I KNOW! the Pick of the Week Kits 🙂 – how much do you love me?

So here they are in all their fabulous glory! – and I have to tell you that this is less than HALF! yes that’s right HALF of whats in the Kit. I cannot remember, in fact I know we have not, ever brought you a kit with so much in for this value for money, and the fabulous hand painted artwork by Sally Hunter, looks truly stunning, and believe the samples are going to blow yer little socks off 🙂



As I am flying around the house flinging things in cases to whip them in the car and scoot down the road to Peterborough! – I scuttled (do you get the sense of urgency here? 🙂 ) past the conservatory door, and spied my Minnie, doing what she loves best lying in the Conservatory and trying to find the warmest patch of sun she can, she Loves the sun, and I just had to share with you 🙂 – Im going to miss her over the next 5 days …..

But the up side is I have LOADS of shows so I thought I share all the times with you on here 🙂

Friday 12:00 POW – Sara
Friday 15:00 POW – Sara
Friday 19:00 POW – Leann

Saturday 08:00 POW – Leann
Saturday 13:00 POW – Leann

Sunday 09:00 POW – Leann
Sunday 11:00 The Snowman – Leann
Sunday 15:00 The Snowman – Leann
Sunday 16:00 POW – Leann
Sunday 18:00 POW – Leann

Monday 09:00 POW – Leann
Monday 11:00 Paper Clinic – Leann
Monday 12:00 Paper Clinic – Leann
Monday 14:00 POW – Leann
Monday 17:00 POW – Leann

Tuesday 08:00 POW – Leann
Tuesday 12:00 POW – Leann
Tuesday 18:00 POW – Leann



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

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