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Paint Fusion Christmas! …………..

…………… could it get any better!

I love, love, love to fusion and have been painting everything that stands still since My Bessie Pal Sheena’s last launch! However! Saint Sheena of Fusion has surpassed herself this time. Honestly, I CAN NOT WAIT to get started, Chez Chivers will be having a fusion Christmas this year, and my friends and relatives, look away now if you are reading, are going to get Fusioned Gifts Galore ! 🙂

You simply must tune in at 12 noon on Create and Craft today, for the world launch of these amazing new designs, you are going to want and need them I promise, and once you have got your hands on them you’re going to need things to fusion! I was in the office yesterday and I could not believe the stacks of fusionable stuff we have. My favourite is some stunning wood letters (click the link to see them), imagine the word “HOLLY” fusioned with the Holly stamp as a centrepiece in your Christmas decorations, or “NOEL” “JOY” “PEACE” – the list is endless, and I personally am going to be doing these to decorate the whole house, and I promise to show you them when I have done them too 🙂 – best of all, they’re 5 inches High ( a perfect size in my humble opinion, and only £2.99! and solid wood!

If you prefer there are some super cute smaller ones for only £0.99 each!

I have to admit, my husband had to pick me up from the office yesterday as I had a little bit of a shopathon in preparation! I bought, plant pots, recipe boxes, wine boxes, stackable boxes, an adorable little case with handles! and some other bits and bobs you much check them out for your fusion projects, especially for fantastic Christmas presents, Check them out here

Finally, here is a little peek at the DVD so you can get an idea of the amazing things you are going to be able to make with this awesome Christmas Fusion Range. and believe me the samples Sheena has painted for the show are going to blow you away………………

L x

PS Show times are

Friday 12th 3pm 6pm 7pm

Saturday 13th 8am 1pm 6pm

Sunday 14th 10am 4pm 6pm

Monday 15th 8am 1pm 5pm

Tuesday 16th 10am 12noon 5pm



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

One thought on “Paint Fusion Christmas! …………..

  1. Hi Leann

    I am a PAINT FUSION ADDICT and proud of it. I have been waiting so patiently for this to arrive and can’t wait to get my mitts on them. I painted the letter A for my granddaughters nursery in pale pink rose buds and it looks lovely in her room. I too will be paint fusioning Christmas gifts this year for everyone.

    Thank you for sharing and enjoy 🙂

    Linda xxx

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