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Spectrum Noir Colouring System

Oh! my word!

My pens are here, and I love them, they work better than all of the production samples we had, and have filled everyone one of my hopes and dreams and then some!

These pens are absolutely amazing, they have been designed by Crafter’s (me) for Crafter’s (you) 🙂 – they give seemless blending with amazing colour options, and fix for me, all the issues I have had in the past with blending and colour options.

There are 12 main sets, which have been put together to give you 12 basic sets of the main colour families and a good start with all colours and an ability to colour what ever you wish, BP, Popcorn, SWALK, Humphrey, Sheena’s beautiful foliage stamps, sketchy’s, House Mouse, anything with skin,etc etc. So where possible I have included two blends in a pack as with purples for instance with a cool and warm blend too, which give you many more options with one pack of pens, and with greens for example you have leafy grass greens and cool olive greens for many foliage options. Where a pack is a graduation of one tone e.g. cool greys, warm greys (and turquoise’s actually) there are a number of blend options available in one pack of 6 pens.

So while the initial 12 packs give you a good basis for everything, you can supplement the blends of all colours with the 4 packs of 24, which are split into Pastel’s, Light’s Bright’s and Dark’s for ease of identification of colours for you! – also it does not matter which set you buy, you will never receive a duplicated colour!

Last night I had a good old play and coloured this new Humphrey stamp using: Cool Grey’s, Pink’s, Yellow’s, and Blue’s. I am so happy with the depth to the image and shading I have been able to achieve.

I’m launching them on the TV on Saturday with shows at 10am, 2pm and 6pm. Then Sunday at 11am, on toolshed and 3pm.

Alternatively if you can’t wait, have a look on we have all then pens available and I promise you will love them.

So many people who have struggled with colouring before, have been in touch to say they are getting really good and much improved results, that’s why we put these sets together and spent months in the production process, so this makes me very happy indeed 🙂

Humphrey's Mum and Dad coloured with Spectrum Noir

Ok so now I would like you to let me have your questions 🙂

Please feel free to add all your questions about the range here as a comment on my blog, or on my facebook page, and I will endeavour to answer them all. I will also try to include answers to your questions in as many of my TV demo’s as possible over the weekend.

Happy colouring

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

24 thoughts on “Spectrum Noir Colouring System

  1. Hi Leann, after looking at nearly all of the blogs from the crafter’s companion’s design team I went and bought the whole set from CC last night. I was really impressed with the way you can blend with them and love the effects. I have tried PM’s in the past but I just can’t get to grips with them.

    I am soooooooooo excited and can’t wait for my Speccies to arrive so I can play. I am on the DT of Dude Time Doodles and get digi stamps to colour in, I have been playing it safe with my trusty watercolour pencils so I am really hoping these will let me expand my repetoire.

    So my question is as I use digi stamps and print my image off using an inkjet printer will the Speccies be okay to use?

    Once again thank you for putting this information on your blog.

    Happy Crafting 🙂

    Linda xx

  2. i bought lots of Copics after going on a colouring workshop but preferred Pro-Markers after I tried them and the two types of pen don’t work well together so the copics are redundant. As I have so many PM’s I’m wondering if the two systems are compatible or would i have to replace completely if i chose to use Spectrum Noir’s?

    1. Hi Denise – I have successfully used the two together, in my opinion the ink in spectrum’s is superior

      L x

  3. I have bought the complete set, but not had a chance to play with them yet, hoping to have a play with my new stamps I will be getting on Friday.

    Julie xx

  4. Hi Leann I have bought the special offer full set. I am on holiday at the moment and they will be waiting at my mum’s for me when I get home. In your post you mention the 4 sets of 24 pens pastel, darks, etc. That do not duplicate any of the other sets. Does this mean that the 72 set I bought is not the full set and there are another 96!!

  5. I’ve just got my 72 & am having a bit of a hard time working out which blend with which in each set of 6 rather basic I know but I’ve tried going by the numbers in sequence & am a bit flummoxed as to how the numbering system works?? Love the grip of the pens & having struggled with both Copics & ProMarkers am hoping that this is a way in for me with alcohol markers.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Are the spectrum noir available in the USA? If not what is your currency exchange? What does the 6.99 equate to in US dollars?

    I am a Copics beginner & was getting ready to order more, these sound much easier to blend. I am having difficulties learning the blending process of the copics.

    Thank you

  7. Hi Leann, I have ordered mine and just waiting for the set of 72 to arrive. Will have to save my pennies now to get the other 72.

    Just a couple of questions 1) What ink pads can I use with them i.e. Memento/Stazon? 2) Can I use them on watercolour card/paper?

    Loved the shows and recorded them too 🙂

    1. Hi Linda

      Ink – Memento
      watercolour card – NO never use on watercolour card – it will suck the ink out of your pens – use Neenah for the best results

      L x

  8. Leann – I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all the work that you’ve done in bringing the Spectrum Noir pens to us. I have tried and failed to do any kind of decent blending with promarkers for years and thought I’d give SNs a try, in part because of their reasonable pricing. I have been blown away with the results I’ve had!!! Please have a look at the first card I’ve made using them:
    I would love to know what you think of my results – and if you ever need any kind of advocate for these pens, I would be the first in line!! Hugs, Marie x

    1. Marie

      I love your colouring, I am so glad you like the spectrum Noirs, they really do give you amazing results.

      L x

  9. Hi Leann
    As I have the full set of Promarkers, I cannot afford to get the full set of SN straight away, although I will HAVE to have them!
    To start my collection, please could you tell me if any of the sets have a true navy blue colour and which ones, in your opinion, complement the Promarkers best as a place to start collecting?
    Jill x

  10. Hi Leann,
    My husband has promised to buy me a set of your new SN pens for my birthday.
    I see on the CC website there are 4 packs of 24 pens and 12 packs 6 pens, do i need to buy all the packs separately or can you buy all 168 pens as a set in their own right, as this could be a cheaper option in the long run.
    Lottie x

  11. I am looking for a color chart for the Spectrum Noir pens. It does not have to be filled in. I could do that as I buy the pens. I have 72 now and 48 ordered. Thanks for your help.

  12. hi,can u use the promarkers with the Spectrum Noir as i have just ordered the pinks an purples i also have around 60-65 promarkers an i like using them too an dont want to get rid of them thanks donna

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