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Come on, come on Take That …………

………………………. and Party!

Morning all,

I am typing this at 5.30, I can’t sleep, I don’t know why, because I love my sleep and usually cannot get enough of it, but today my brain is on overload, I think it’s everything I have to remember to do before the Pick of the Day next week, and all the fabulous stuff I know we have coming up for you soon too, after my many meetings with Sara at Crafter’s Companion Towers this week, it’s going to be all systems go, and I have to fit in two weeks holiday with the family and a week in Chicago at the CHA Trade Fair, which I am really looking forward to, as we always find some really exciting stuff.

Any how, I am very conscious that I haven’t shown you any photo’s of the Take That concert, and I’ve been wanting too, but just have not had the time to get on the computer, and there are a good few, so there going to take a while to up load! So, I’m going to do it now, I’m up, I have a very strong cup of tea, which is my favourite, and I am going to remember the amazing concert while uploading the pics for you, what could be better at 5.30 in the morning 🙂 – O, and Minnie, is running round the downstairs at full pelt, (back legs going through front legs and ears flying in the wind she is creating!) over them moon to have a friend to play with this early in the morning!

So here we go, I simply have to show you the photo, of Gary, looking directly at me, yes little old me, he heard my voice, turned and give me a big old grin, I have to admit to my knees going a bit weak. My friend Louise and I queued from about 1pm, and it was worth it, because we where right at the front with amazing views of the whole show, we were in the 2nd row – Woooooooo Hoooooooooooo.

Here he is Gary looking at litte old me 😉

I got some really brill photo’s but I couldn’t possibly up-load them all, here is another favourite – The rob-meister

How amazing is this!

Little Mark Owen (as Louise call’s him!)

"litte Mark Owen" - I think Lousie has a soft spot for him!

And possibly a contender for my favourite, he was really lovely – Howard!

the lovely Howard

And I can’t leave Jason out can I?

I know its a bit blurry I was jumping up and down, but he too is looking at MEEEEEEEEEEEE

The rest are for you perusal in my fabulous little slide show widget :), this isn’t even a 5th of the photo’s I took, but they’ll give you a good idea of what a FANTABULOUS night I had 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have no idea at what time this post will post itself, it needs to upload all the photo’s first, It’s a bit like the lottery, I don’t know when, and I dont’ know what it will look like, hope you can see the photo’s well ………

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

12 thoughts on “Come on, come on Take That …………

  1. Absolutely fabulous Leann so pleased you had a good time , bet you didn’t want it to end, I will show Jodie on sat when she comes over she was mad on take that in her teens, she will be so envious .

  2. Some fantastic photos here Leann! Thanks for sharing.
    Wow, you did well to get so close.

    Sooo looking forward to next weeks Pick of the Day! Can’t wait!

  3. …and i thought i was a secret take that fan! im soooo glad we have yet another thing in common! Robbie is my fav tho i do have a soft spot for him! …. there ive said it ~ now all the world will know!
    brilliant photos, the one of Gary is your fav ~ go on admit it 😉 and i wouldnt blame you! theyre brill and i also cant wait for the pick of the day either!
    take care speak soon

  4. Eeeeee it’s little mark owen, I nearly got to shake his hand but he just got away. Fab photos I need them on a cd chivers!!!!! Was tempted to book next weekend in Manchester as I found tickets but I mustve had my sensible head on and resisted!

    1. Tell you what – I’ll do you a swap! ill give you mine, if you give me yours 😉 – and what are you thinking I would have come with you to Manchester, thy were amazing 🙂

      1. I’ll get a cd ready for you when i drop the cards off. Don’t know what i was thinking they were only £60 for manchester either today or tomorrow but never mind its too late now so no good crying over spilt milk, boo hooo …………

      2. What! Mrs Welsh, you have gone down in my estimation, I did hold you in high regard, but now, after passing up tickets! – I don’t know what to say!

  5. My friends and I went to see them on the very first nite in Sunderland and they were AMAZING when Robbie burst thru that screen my friend Tracy grabbed my arm and whispered “I think I’ve wet my self “lol
    The show was great and I was chuffed to see it was Take That and not the Robbie show, and weren’t Pet Shop Boys brilliant I’d forgotten how much I liked their stuff I came home and got one of their cds to listen to
    Your photos are great did you manage to reach Robbie on his platform I hope so xx

  6. Cooooooooooor Lovely pic of Howie, he is my fave, how lucky to have been so near the front. Going to see them at Wembley but we’re seated, will be my 5th time, can’t wait. Thanks for sharing!

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