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Paint Fusion

Evening all

Or actually, Good Morning 🙂 as this post is set to self destruct, woops self post in the morning. I am well and truly addicted to Paint Fusion 🙂 – I was very lucky to have some personal tuition from my good friend Sheena, before you all got to see the new technique, because she needed a guinea pig, and I was it, lucky old me.

Well, since then, if it stands still in my house it is a potential item to fusion…. I made my mum a lovely heart box as a wedding present, for her to keep her wedding and birthday keepsakes in, she got married on her 60th Birthday…..

My Sister in Law Julie, seen it and said OOoo Sarah would love one of those, so here we are the Fusioned box for my lovely niece Sara’s 16th Birthday. I am loving these boxes and I’m going to take sometime to make myself one soon, to keep my face in (my make-up to the un-initiated 🙂 ), in fact I think most rooms in my house will end up with something that has been fusioned in it…..

full fusioned box

I made this box with the exclusive stamp plate, as I wanted to do really girly pink flowers and a butterfly. Dusty Concord and Chipped Sapphire Distress Ink, complete the look of a girly distress, or I hope it does….

Lid - can you spot the deliberate mistake?

Next time I think I could improve on the flowers, although I think I am getting the hang of the leaves now 🙂 I actually Platinum Sparkled the top edge and base edge of the box, but did that after I’d taken te photo’s so you can’t see it – sorry, but it added a lovely girly bling to the finished result, I stuffed it with Soap and Glory and voila a girly fusioned Birthday pressie, hope you like 🙂

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

5 thoughts on “Paint Fusion

  1. I love paint fusion too, and I think the box is lovely. I have got some ideas for Christmas pressies for the females in the family. As soon as mine came I was fusioning and at the NEC showed Sheena what I had done, and of course stood and watched the expert in action.

    Love Linda

  2. Oh thanks, lovely to see what you made and beautiful.
    I got the kit and found time on Friday to have a play at the daisy,I was so pleased for a first attempt and your creation means I’m having another try today. Thanks do much for sharing.

    Lynne x

  3. Oh wow Leann the box is lovely. I love paint fusion to, I got the kit when it was the pick of the day but haven’t had time to have a play with it yet. I know as soon as I do I won’t want to put it down. Lucky you getting tuition from Sheena that must be amazing she is so talented. Thanks for sharing.

    Jenny x

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