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at last – Spinning Granny!

Hi all

Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and are well relaxed and full of lovely Christmas foody type things, I am personally going to turn into an after eight mint, but I do love them…..(there my one weakness 🙂 )

So, here I am today with naught to do, the telly is terrible, and I have itchy fingers. So I thought I’d do what I have been promising to do for a very very long time and make the now infamous spinning granny card for trish, with step by step photo’s! So here we go:

You will need:

A 6″ x 6″ card base (tent fold)
Matting and layering
A large (ish) circle and a matt for it too – I have used the largest circle and scallop from the nesties range to mine.
SWALK Grandma stamp, coloured and cut out.
A Brad

Step 1 – Get all your bit’s and pieces together, cut out your matts and layers for your card base, but don’t stick them yet. Stamp, colour and cut-out Granny. Cut two circles, one white and one scallop, get a brad in a contrasting colour ready too.

Step 2 – Take the plain white circle and stamp the sentiment from the stamp plate at the top and bottom, bend the rubber while positioning on your rock a block to get the correct curve.

Step 3 – Stick the stamped white circle onto the blue scallop. We need to pierce a hole in the centre. To do this cut a circle the same size from copy paper and fold into four quarters.

Step 4 – Place the circle of copy paper over the top and pierce through all the layers to position a hole in the exact centre of your circle topper.

Step 5 – Cut two very small slits, as close together as you can without being too close so as to weaken the card, in the granny topper, just below her dress collar.

Step 6 – Take the brad and put one leg through each hole. This is very important as this is how granny will be kept still on the front of the card!

Step 7 – Place the stamped sentiment circle in the centre of the matted square panel which will be stuck to the base of your card. Pierce through the hole you have created previously in the circle, to go through all of the base layers.

Step 8 – Close the two brad legs together and place them both through the one hole in the stamped circle topper.

Step 9 – Then place the closed brad legs through the hole in the square panel, open them out and cover with a foam pad to keep them still.

Step 10 – Place foam pads all over the base of the panel (ignore the DS tape on here, I got a bit excited! and it’s not needed ahem, blushing) then stick to the front of your prepared card base. Et Voila! a card with a Spining Sentiment Circle behind Granny :)….

Ok – now I attempted to get very clever, and to prove that it actually spins, and that granny stays still, I did a little video of the card in action! However, when I tried to upload it, my blog said I had to up-grade if I wanted to upload video and that it would cost me $59.95 per year to do it! – so I said no thank you!

I’ve had a little go at creating a youtube account and up-loading it there, so here we go,

Last thing I thought you might like are the copic colours I used to colour in Granny with, so here we go: Skin: E00, E21 and RV10, Dress: B00, B02, B12, Hair: W1, W3 and W5 Skipping Ropes: E37 and finally outlined with C1.

Hope you enjoy, let me see your creations if you have a go with this technique 🙂

See you in 2011

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

10 thoughts on “at last – Spinning Granny!

  1. Thanks for the tutorial Leann, you tube works a treat I will save it in my favourites, now you can put all your demo’s on there !!!! Tee Hee

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Leann its great , and like you i am also bored and fedup , so i will have a go at this , ..

    Happy new year to you and your family ,

  3. Hi Leann
    Great instructions will have a go. I just wondered if there are any pics of samples you had of the 3 birds box of stamps anywhere I can look at. I had a look on crafters site but didn’t see any. Watched the shows and thought I had recorded them but cant find the recordings. I need some inspiration please. Susy

    1. Hi susy we have just got the samples back from the telly and their on their way to germany for a tv shwow there, we didnt get time to do them before the shows. Once there back in the Uk we will photograph and upload to the crafters companion gallery

      Leann x

  4. Leann Trish will be over the moon with this one!! 🙂 The card is great, and the tutorial wonderfully clear.
    Have a great New Year hun – wishing you a Happy, Lucky one.xx

  5. Thanks ever so much for the brilliant tutorial, I look forward to having a go at the project tomorrow.
    I just love the SWALK range and what you have done with them.

    Happy New Year

    Lynn xx

  6. Leann. Told you everyone would love it.
    I can’t thank you enough. The tutorial is easy to follow and the You Tube clip is great.

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