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Special card for a special person……..

Evening all

I made this Card for a very Special Friend this weekend. I have not seen her for so long and I miss her a lot. It was her Birthday so I wanted to let her know that even though life is sometimes ridiculously busy and I don’t get to see her as often as I used to (which was everyday at work!), that it doesn’t mean I don’t think of her often (soppy or what!) so I made this. It’s my absolutely favourite floral stamp in the world (ahem Ms Douglass, I think I am turning into a one woman fan club!) and as I am sure I have mentioned before Rose’s are my absolute favorite flower in the whole wide world 🙂

So, because Emma absolutely loves this shade of green I started with the base card and decorated with some of my very special, expensive, highly prized and rarely used handmade japanese washi paper! (am i getting across how special this paper is to me LOL!) I even decorated the back of the card! and the inside, extravagant I know, but worth it …..

I stamped the huge and gorgeous Rose floral corner on our fabulous Watercolour card which is absolutely the best thing since sliced bread for stamping and believe it or not watercolouring :). Coloured with Derwent watercolour pencils. I love the effect watercolouring gives, and it makes a nice change from copics, so I really enjoyed doing this.

Once finished there was just far too much white space around the rose and it stood out on the card like a sore thumb, it just was not working for me. So when in doubt, get the distress inks out 🙂 I wanted to achieve a similar green to the card base and beautiful washi paper, but I didn’t have a distress ink for the job, but after some experimentation I found layering, Crushed Olive, Bundled Sage and Forest Moss, gave me the perfect colour green that I needed….. happy days. so layered up on the front of the card (with a tiny sliver of gold mirror card) and stamped finally with the perfect sentiment – Voila, all finished, and I have to admit I was very very happy with the finished result.

I Dont’ think you can see very well in the photo’s but I traced the swirl with my new FAVE pens spica Glitter from Copic, if you have not tried them, please don’t wait, insist that there put in your xmas stocking because its a seriously glittery pen, but not at all like the ones we crafters have had now for a long time and a bit childish….. These are glitter pens for GROWN UPS 😉 you need them. I traced the swirls with the black and then added some highlight with a gold leafing pen…..

So, even thought I am sure she does not read my blog, or even know what a blog is….. Emma Shipley, this is for you, Happy Birthday from me to you, hope it got through the xmas post un-scathed 🙂

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

10 thoughts on “Special card for a special person……..

  1. well Leann,

    Emma is lucky to have a friend like you and have a card coming to her as beautiful as that is!!! It was my birthday today (14th) and i would have been honoured to give that to a friend, you even had me thinking about cards i need to make for rose lovers and i have that mischevious woman’s stamp too (ms Douglass, dont you know? lol) Your card is beautiful Leann, and if i dont speak to you beforehand, do have a very Happy Christmas and New Year with your lovely family xxxxx Lot of Love Vicky xxxxx

  2. Hi Leann
    That is one beautiful card. Thank goodness for Sheena – her stamp set designs have helped me make some of my most talked about (by my buyers)cards. I have also made many sumptious cards with the rose stamp plate and funnily enough the rose is nearly always pink. The design works well as a decoupage card (I am chuckling to myself thinking of you saying decoupage and book in you lovely NE accent.) You and Sara always make me smile as your accents are so warm and friendly!! My most asked for rose card was made on mirrieboard coloured with alchol inks which were then stamped and highlighted with cosmic shimmers and then decoupaged.

    You and Sheena are obviously way ahead of me on the decoration front. I have to await my eldest coming home for the holidays (she is a teacher) on Saturday before her sister and I are allowed to begin. Think of us on Saturday all tinsled and baubled up!! Merry Christmas to you and yours and to Sara and all the gang at Crafers Companion.
    Kate 🙂 XXX

    1. What a lovely post kate, Thank you………… a bvery Merry xmas to you from all of us here at Crafters Towers L x

  3. Evening Leann,

    How lucky is your friend. It is an absolutely gorgeous card and I would love to have a friend who love me enough to send me such a nice card.

  4. Leann this is absolutely gorgeous, Emma will love it, it is stunning! and yes i agree, Sheena has some pretty gorgeous stamps and you really have shown it to its best! love it!
    take care and speak soon

  5. Leann this is a seriously stunning card honey. And your friend will be so pleased to recieve it. I’m betting it will get pride of place for longer than just her birthday! 🙂
    I have the glitter copics (I just got them this week) and I have to say I LOVE THEM!! I’m hoping they bring out even more colours in them, they are so superb! And yes I have to agree – these are definitely glitter pens for grown ups! My “other brand” will be going into the kiddies craft box now me thinks! I have no need of them I just need my glitter copics.
    Have a great Christmas and a New Year that brings you love & happiness.

  6. Hi Leanne

    Lovely Card and made with the help of your twin!!!
    What a double act.
    Hope you had a great Christmas. Looking forward to the new crafty stuff you have in store for us.
    Best Wishes for 2011 Luv Margaret

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