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New Fancy Fold Instructions

Hi all

Here are the step by step instructions for the new fancy fold. (if you can think of a name for it let me know!)

Print out a sheet of background design onto a sheet of A4 Card, a sheet of frame decoupage and also a sheet of borders.

Trim the piece of printed card, to measure 6″ wide, using the Ultimate Pro, place the longest edge against the box base butting edge and score the full length of the card on box base line 2, repeat this on the opposite side.

Using the card scoring side of the Ultimate Pro, butt up the shortest edge of your card, butt up against the handle, left hand side, and score the half fold A4 line in the centre of the card, between the two existing score lines, its important you do not score to the edges of the card.

With the card still in position score the 5″ square fold line at the top and bottom of the card only in the small borders (oh my word I hope this is making sense and the photo’s are helping!)

Slide the card over to line these two scored lines over to the edge of the handle on the Ultimate Pro and score the half fold A4 and 5″ fold lines again only up to the central panel.

Cut the vertical line between the first and second short score lines

Fold the scored lines as shown in the picture, the top two lines are mountain folds then a valley fold followed by a mountain again (I hope your still with me!)

When folded and score lines have been burnished your card base will look like this…..

Decorate the side panels and the front panel with printed borders which have been layered onto a dark contrasting card.

Cut out the decoupage frame, stick and stay it onto contrasting dark card and trim a freehand border around the frame.

Using a quick glue pen and glamour dust, trace the swirly patterns and add glitter. Cut out the decoupage and layer with Collall 3D Glue Gel.

Using Collall 3D Glue Gel, stick this frame to the front of the card and finish with a pretty polka dot ribbon tied around the base of the card.

PHEW, I hope you can all follow those instructions, I’m off for a very posh coffee and a home-made chocolate chip cookie to celebrate that mammoth card-making, photograph-taking, decoupaging, blogging, step by step session!

Happy Crafting

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

21 thoughts on “New Fancy Fold Instructions

  1. Fab Leann thanks for the tut now why didn’t you post this earlier b4 i started with the 50th i am making that’s 50 as in age 🙂 oh how i wish i was that quick
    Anne xx

    1. Leann you could call it a Mirror Fold – A) Because it looks like one of those old fashioned (art deco) mirrors they used to have above their fireplaces. And B) Because the back of the card mirrors the front.

      It’s a truly beautiful card, I think this Winter BP is going to be my absolute favourite. Not just for the many Christmas cds/stamps out there, but from any of my cd/stamp sets.
      It all looks really gorgeous!xx

  2. Wow Leann this is a wonderful idea I love new shaped cards , so will be trying this with my ultimate pro thanks so much for sharing your ideas , and of course ill let people know that its your design
    great work
    Carol x

  3. thank you so much I have just made this card I looked at it and thought OMG looks hard but following you instructions It was pretty easy thanks so much

    my card I made

  4. Hi Leanne, saw you today on C&C making a card with the Beatrix Potter POTW and heard you say you could find instructions on the web. Have been googling and low and behold have found your blog. I love different shaped cards so will definitely be trying this one soon. Thanks for posting – great instructions xxsue

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