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Abso-blooming-lutley charming in fact!

Do you have a Works (the discount book and arty shop) near you? Well if you do rush along, I popped in for some folders to store my ever increasing stash of rubber stamps! and found these little beauties! at only 99p a packet there an absolute steal! Charms can be quite expensive to buy usually so I bought two of every packet, well you can’t pass up a bargain like that can you? 😉

Abso-blooming-lutely Charming!

I could not belive my luck, here are a couple of close-ups of my favourites too:

I am off to see how I can fit them onto some samples I am busy making at the moment for a show at the end of next week, and if you look really hard you can see a little hint in the pic 🙂 who can guess :0

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

3 thoughts on “Charming!

  1. Only one problem honey – they are very moreish rofl. Can’t wait for the Xmas ones to come in – there is a fab set with “Joy” as a charm, just perfect for Crimbo cards. xx

  2. Ooo, these are gorgeous – I wish there was a ‘Works’ near me. I don’t have many charms so I am very stingy with them. I could be more generous with these, lol.
    Or maybe not……praps I’d just keep stroking them, rofl


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