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Sneaky Peak ……… Popcorn Kids

…………. I could not resist! all the stuff packed and on it’s way to the studio’s with Sara………. so I thought, well why not have a little play! so I’ve whipped this up, so I can give you all a peak at whats to come tomorrow 🙂

Sara is on at 11 am tomorrow with the new Popcorn Kids CD and Stamps, I love them, I think there my favourite set of Popcorn Products we have produced and in the words of Ross in the office, the papers on tthis CD are “banging”, (I am editing this as Ross insists he did not call them banging, but in-fact he called them “the Daddy”!) – that’s a good thing! 😉

So here we go Ive listed all the show times for you …..

Friday 14th – 11am & 12pm (C&C) – Sara
Sunday 16th 9am C&C – Leann
Sunday 16th 2pm & 3pm IW – Leann
Monday 17th 8am – Leann
Wednesday 19th 9am C&C – Sara

We would both love to hear from you on the shows…………..

Right Im off to watch life on Mars, we are getting 2 series a time from Love Film 🙂




Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

4 thoughts on “Sneaky Peak ……… Popcorn Kids

  1. Oh Leann they are wonderful, I cannot wait until tomorrow when I can order them. : )I love Life on Mars as well, cannot beleive Ashes to Ashes is almost finished.


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