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Lovely weekend in Northumberland

View from the beach

Aaaahhhhhhh had a lovely relaxing break in Northumberland in the Caravan this weekend. Have to admit could not be bovvered to pack up on Friday and go (even though its just over an hour away) as I was absolutely jiggered and just wanted to chill, but hubby put his foot down with a firm hand, and I have to admit, we had a lovely relaxing weekend, chilling, walking on the beach, and coffee and cake in Craster too.

We pitched up on a site at Dunstan Hill, with a short walk through a golf course (EEeek …… four!) to the beach, with stunning views of Dunstanburgh Castle, weather was lovely…. had a great time, will definitely be going back again, if only because my son is taking his gold clubs next time 🙂

Hope your weekends were great too ….

L x



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5 thoughts on “Lovely weekend in Northumberland

  1. Oh I cannot belive you went without me.. next time maybe, then we can eat CAKE!
    Beautiful picture! thanks for sharing and upsetting us, lol

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