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Exciting news from Michele Marsden

Hello all

I’ve had a good old chin wag with Michele tonight, and I have some hot off the press news for you. I’ve known for a month now, but its offcial today that Michele handed in her notice from RHB 1 month ago and as of today she is working on new projects. Michele will be launching her own range of products in January, and will be going to lots of retail shows starting at the beginning of next year, which i know she is really pleased about, as she has been looking forward to going to shows for such a long time. I know Michele is a brilliant graphic and concept designer, so i am sure there will be loads of new goodies on there way to you soon.

With my new job at Crafters Companion, it’s a new start to a new year for us both and we are looking forward to being able to see so much more of each other.

Michele helped me out in the early days and I would not be in the postion I am today if not for her help in the very beginning, so here’s a big THANK YOU from me, and wishing you well in everything you do, I know you will be amazing.

L x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

7 thoughts on “Exciting news from Michele Marsden

  1. Leann

    It’s great news about Michelle, I’m really pleased for her. When you are next in touch, would you please pass on our congratulations? – Jean and Christine from Stockport. We are really looking forward to seeing her at some of the shows, as well as the workshops she does in Stockport.

    It was really lovely to meet you at Craftaganza, I’m sure you’ll love working for Crafter’s Companion. I’ve just finished the Christmas door – well, I say finished, I have a piece left over ( can’t work out where it goes), and one of my pillars isn’t properly covered, but hey after it’s properly dry tomorrow and I cover it in snowy glitter, I’m sure noone will notice!

    All the best for the future

  2. hi lianne and michele well congratulations to both of you in your new jobs i have see you lianne on create and craft and your doing a brilliant job you deserve it with crafters companion. and michele well good luck to you as well but i must say i do miss you on create and craft and hope to see you very soon again as your a brilliant crafter and allways a laugh same as you liane, please give michele a hug and tell her we miss her and cant wait till she back on the screen love and best wishes to you both lots of love julie xxxx

  3. Hi Leann.

    It’s good getting to know you on C&C, your demonstrations with Crafters Companions are great. I hope that Michele is keeping well and that she is still crafting. I used to LOVE her on C&C. If she is still crafting do you know where I can view/buy her products? Or when she’ll be back on C&C?

    Best wishes


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