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Wedding Invitations

Hi all had a busy day today, but managed to make these two wedding invitation samples (I’ve made them with stardream card, cuttle embossing for the cigar sleave closure and the cricut for the hearts. There for my SIL to choose from, she wanted gatefold…. I prefer square but……… its not my wedding. Ive used stardream card, and the ribbon the real invites of she chooses that one will be brown to match her theme!

What do you think, are they too plain? Could they be imporved in any way? – your suggestions would be most welcome.

Leann x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

6 thoughts on “Wedding Invitations

  1. Hi there,
    I think these cards are excellent; understated and elegant. I think you will find that if the ribbon card is chosen, brown ribbon will make this card as striking as the hearts one.

  2. Both are lovely Leann, but I agree with Judy – the first one would be totally lifted with a brown ribbon bow – and I think this would also give two subtley different looks dependent on the ribbon used – brown organza would be a soft, floaty look wheras a chocolate brown double sided satin would be lush and rich looking (and the one I would go for). I might also try out some cream adhesive pearls too
    Hugs, Linda x

  3. Hi Hun no they are not to plain, just really classy, I love the rounded corners on the heart one, and that gorgeous ribbon on the other one, so wouldn’t know which one to choose they are both elegant hun.
    Hugs Jacqui x

  4. HAHAHAH Jacqui great minds think a-like we are doing the dotty ribbon one but with rounded corners and three snamm diamante’s in the very corners at opposite sides top and bottom near the edge 🙂

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