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I am back with a PROMISE and some CANDY …….

Hi all – I am back – and back with a vengence! I have made myslef a promise that I will update this site at least twice a week no matter what life throws at me! I have neglected you all so and I am truly sorry for that …. so I have decided a peace offering will be the order of the day ……. I am going to have my first dabble with some CANDY – Blog Candy! I am going for a good old rootle around my craft room to see what I can find for you…. I will have it ready and posted by 7pm tonight (sooner if I can – HUGE GRIN) – and whilst on the topic of Blog candy – I am posting a link to a wonderful blog by a very talented lady called Jacqui Dennis, who I had the good fortune to meet at the Crafters Companion Craftaganza in November.  Jacqui is a fellow Crafters Companion Design Team Member, and has some wonderful candy available – you can find it here “Cats Whiskers” – and some fabulous inspirational ideas.

Ok I’m off to tidy through the piles – EEK – to find some worthwhile Candy for you ……..

Looking forward to seeing you all a lot more often from now on

Happy Crafting

Hugs, Leann x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

3 thoughts on “I am back with a PROMISE and some CANDY …….

  1. Hi Hun I am so pleased you found me, now we can carry on from where we left off in November, hope you are well. I expect you are really busy I know I am, with “The Launcg” coming up.
    Will keep in touch.
    Big huggles
    Jacqui xx

  2. hello leann, i have been admiring the cards you have made re. the popcorn collection (which my other half has ordered for me) on the crafters companion site, would it be possible to aquire the instructions to make the large card with the diamond centre. i would so like to produce somthing similar for a 70th card i would like to make, have enjoyed reading your blog and will visit it again good luck with your creations amanda

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