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Making your own Glitter Card

Hi all

had lots of requests about making the glitter card, so thought I’d put the instructions here for you….

Happy Crafting

L x

Use the fabulous Stick and Stay from crafters Companion to create whole pieces of glitter coloured card, paper or vellum to match in with your design. Place a piece of card, paper or vellum into one of the crafters companion spray booths (or a shoe box lid) and spray generously with Stick and Stay move this to a scrap piece of paper quickly and cover with glitter, give it a little press down and shake away the excess. You will have a really amazing piece to add to your design. I work on the design of the card first, and cut the piece of card , paper or vllum to size, before I carry out the technique, then I’m not wasting card, Stick and Stay or Glitter!



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

2 thoughts on “Making your own Glitter Card

  1. hi leane, watched the show on ideal world on sunday and monday and loved how to glitter the acetate. the reason i’m writing is to ask you for instructions for the diamond card i got the main gist of it but forgot how to put it together and what way the folds went can you help. also loved what you did with the card samples and put them in my diary for future use with other stuff that i already have. thanks again
    anne hunt

    1. HI there

      thank you so much for the lovely feedback – Im working up some instructions for the diamond card as its been very popular and will let you have them asap

      L x

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