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Cuttlebug who else thinks …….

………….that they need to be bigger!  I love them so much but i would love them to bigger 🙂




Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

12 thoughts on “Cuttlebug who else thinks …….

  1. Just voted Lonnie and yes bigger, I did write to Provocraft and they said there are no plans for anything bigger to be made.

    Jenny x

  2. Lonnie, I have just voted as well. I would like them the size of the white plates ie nearly twice as big. I just loving using the folders but then I also like using the large topper images on a lot of CDs but they are too big for folders this size. Bigger I feel is better on this occasion!!!!


  3. Bigger is fine as I agree we can cut them down.. Mind you the machine and dies could be quite heavy if we go much bigger…..! Lesley

  4. Morning Leann
    Yes I have also voted for bigger folders too.
    There are some nice long ones available for the Big Shot and see no reason why CB can’t make these too.
    Do you have any influence over them then??? hope so lol
    Love Cynthia x

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