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I’m Back – What a whirlwind!

Hello all

Thank you so much for your good wishes, vibes and fabulous comments over the last few days.  I went to meet my family at the caravan straight after the shows, and there was no telephone or Internet signal so I have not been able to catch up with you. SORRY…..  But I am here now with my trusty computer!

OH my goodness what an AMAZING time I have had, truly a whirlwind but I loved every single minute of it… every single one of the staff at IW is incredibly friendly they put you at ease from the first minute… A special mention must go to Becks (who looks after the guests and, with Stephanie, gave me incredible advice), the producers and Directors and all of the floor crew, who make the shows tick like a dream, and can’t do enough for you ( I would love to name you all but I am scared I miss one of you out but you all know who you are) ….. and the presenters who are quite literally a joy to watch, what a fantastic job they do.

What a Blast I  laughed for a solid 24 hours! and played a couple of practical jokes too…LOL.   I don’t know if you seen the show with Stephanie talking about my freckles! … but it was face powder!  I have a kind of pepper pot face powder and when I put it on (to stop the shine) it looks like little freckles all over my face… Michele thought this was quite hilarious.. and dared me to go in the studio with it on! you know what they say never dare a fool!  so off I went….. now when Ben the floor manager came to collect us he noticed my strange face but was too polite to say anything !! this made us chuckle even more, and when Stephanie said whats happened to your face Michele almost collapsed behind the counter!  I suppose you had to be there but it was really v funny indeed…..

What a nightmare when I pushed my bone folder straight through my cracker card (named by Joanne) live on air ……. I thought, aaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh do I cover it up or just go with the flow! so I went with the flow!   and hoped for the best, but everyone has been so lovely about it… apparently it was quite funny so that’s a relief…… when I came off air Joanna and Richard were in the green room so I got to meet one of my crafting idols and Joanna was wonderfully re-assuring about my bone folding faux pas! Thank you Joanna.

Now I know you are all wondering if I have any Pearly Board to call my own! and I can confirm I am now the proud owner of pearl board, its truly amazing!  I plan to use it for my Christmas Card Blanks for special people this year………

Michele and I are doing red and green days! and we started really well on Saturday (except for the TOFU – don’t ask!) – however – a sainsburys full English on Sunday followed by rocky road and a cup of tea later and we thought …….. we’ll start tomorrow! …. while in Sainsburys Michele bought her grandson the most adorable little pumpkin outfit which Denise told everyone about on Debbie’s show, as we bumped into her a the checkout…. its surreal really.

I have just finished watching the shows back (I’m gutted because my DH has not SKY+’d the 10pm show where Stephanie and I do the now infamous BOOOOOOOOOOOOOK discussion and I really wanted to watch that it was really funny, and completely un-expected…… Do any of you wonderful peeps have it?

I have made myslef a feew notes for future reference:

1. Stop saying AMAZING all of the time!
2. Drink more water and stop running your toungue around the inside of your mouth!
3. Smile with Teeth and then you wont look constipated
4. Look at the camera more!
5. and finally loose weight fast and then you will look less like Jabba the HUT!

OK I’ve waffled enough for now, although I have so much more to tell you ….. I really just want to say thank you to Michele for constantly encouraging me and giving me the opportunity (you really are the most selfless person I have ever met) and to all of you (especially the Sheenies) for your wonderful support and comments, they mean so much and gave me the confidence to try my best….

Finally I have come back to this wonderful Poem from Win in Liverpool (Sheenie) thank you Win its made me smile from ear to ear, and I am sending it to Michele now.

Bye for now.  Leann x

Michele’s brought Leanne , her first time on screen

She’s doing a great job d’ya know what I mean…!!

Ideas from Michele and now Leanne too…

Blimey so many new things I can do


So many bargains my heads in a spin

now what to order…?? where DO I begin !!


Smashing show girls…..keep up the good work…

Lovin’ the shows…and the free P and P !!!


 Win from Liverpool !



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

5 thoughts on “I’m Back – What a whirlwind!

  1. You were great!…loved reading your side of it, made me smile knowing you had a great time.
    Love the poem from Win too:)
    When are you on again then? Soon I hope.

    San x

  2. I think you did a fantastic job Leann, you came over on tv just as I am sure you will do in real life.
    Well done again and here’s to the next show with somne more fab demos and samples.
    Love and hugs Cynthia x

  3. Hi Leann good to see you back and still in high spirits after a fantastic time and a fantastic job at IW. You were brilliant and I hope we’ll see you on there again….have also left a comment under ‘All change’
    Take care
    Sheila xxx

  4. I was so excited for you and nervous too but you were FANTASTIC. You were so relaxed, well you looked it, and came over so genuine. well done and heres hoping we see you again soon.

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