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Like a Bat out of Hell…..

……….  Well I am back from an exhausting weekend in Scarborough and Bridlington, but what a fantastic time we had.  We managed to cram the full British seaside sensation into 1 night believe it or not! I arrived at the cheap but cheerful and very clean B&B first, and got to work chilling the wine in the en-suite sink!  (NB fill sink to brim with cold water, place in bottle of un-opened wine and wait!).  I managed to watch the first Strictly show and munch my way through two mini packs of bourbon biscuits with a cappuccino!   Michele arrived and after we had managed to get the car parked and navigate the stairs to our room I got the wine un-corked…  We set off for Scarborough front, but got a bit dis-oriented (with all the chin wagging) and had to phone a cab to rescue us and take us to ASK, we had a really lovely meal (and in Michele’s words at this point we were feeling a bit fresh, this is known as tipsy in Geordie tongue!)  off we set for a little fresh air and small dabble in the amusements, 50p in change and a dabble on the 2p slots (last of the big spenders!) and we were on the move again!….this is where it goes down hill!  We found, wait for it ………… a karaoke …. 2 drinks and some toe tapping later and I found myself writing down on a piece of paper.. “Leann and Michele – Bat out of Hell!” – now I feel that it is important you know Michele made me do it, my hand was well and truly twisted up my back! I had no choice what so ever!……  now when I sing I sound like Les Dawson with a throat infection!, but Michele, boy can she belt out a tune, and it was a really good giggle (although I did feel like Danny Devito to Michele’s Arnie aka the twins movie!).  back to the B&B for a good nights sleep, ready for the craft workshop in Brid on the Sunday….

I was thoroughly looking forward to the drive as Michele brought the two seater and we were putting the top down, very Bridget Jones… BUT have you ever tried to fit in a boot the size of a shoe box, 2 large cases, we had to pack enough for emergencies!, enough crafting material for 27 people on a workshop, coats, hand bags paper trimmers and all other necessary paraphernalia in a two seater with the roof down! ….. well guess who ended up with a v large case on her knee…. which kind of ruined the two girls out for the weekend with the top down Thelma and Louise look! yep me!

We eventually arrived at Brid and had a great time with all of the lovely ladies there, but I was jiggered at the end of the day, and pleased when my head hit the pillow last night.

It’s been a bit of a ramble, but I thought I would share the weekend’s adventure with you…..

Catch up soon, Leann x



Creative Development Manager in the Craft Industry, I get to make my passion my job now ...... how cool is that :)

2 thoughts on “Like a Bat out of Hell…..

  1. Sounds like you had a blast . Next time you want a B and B in Brid let me know – my brother in law has one lol. Been to the craft shop there too.
    Yes I know the term ‘fresh’ too as I come from Halifax like Michele lol. Say hi to her from me please.

    Love Cynthia x

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